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Approaches to Sustainable Pest Control



If your home or patio is infested with ants, termites, roaches and other unpleasant insects, you will want to remove them immediately and ensure they do not come back. One reason many people delay calling an exterminator, even though they know delays will encourage the pests to breed further, is that they dread the chemicals used in their home. In addition to the unpleasant smell, they may worry about an allergic reaction and are concerned of the effect on their health. Sustainable living is a hot topic nowadays and that applies to pest control. There are options when it comes to approaching the problem of pest sustainably.

All-Natural Methods

Some people prefer to use only naturally-occurring substances and traditional methods for dealing with everything from mice to roaches to bedbugs. Some may put boric acid or powders on their floors and in small cracks in the walls. Others may believe certain fragrances will keep bugs away or at least off the skin, and may apply essential oils such as lavender and peppermint to their skin or bedding. These repellents may have some use in keeping bugs away, but they don’t deal with the root of the problem nor do they effectively kill bugs. Applying powders is laborious and may mar the beauty of your home.

One natural method professionals use is to introduce a natural predator of the bug in question, such as ladybugs. These predators are virtually harmless and will eat the offending bugs. The drawback with this method is that it is gradual, and people who are itching terribly because of bedbugs, for instance, need a quick, effective solution.

Greener Methods of Pest Control

While an exterminator may not provide 100 percent all-natural methods of killing bugs, many are well-versed in the effects of their chemicals and are adept at finding ways to make pest control greener than the conventional methods of applying chemicals in large amounts and hoping for the best. A reliable exterminator will ask the right questions and will target his or her tasks to fighting bugs in specific areas where they breed and grow. Home exterminators will get to know your house and can give counsel on things that may be contributing to the number of bugs.

A reasonable and sustainable approach to pest control involves an exterminator zeroing in on the root of the problem and using harmful chemicals only sparingly. He or she will also provide pointers on cleaning methods and preventative tips to keep the insects from coming back. Also, the exterminator can instruct you on warning signs of infestations and may have milder or natural materials that can nip the problem in the bud without introducing toxins into the home.

A Comprehensive Approach

Everyone wants to keep their home as free of toxins as possible, but that often involves a balance between using the pure green approach and having to work hard and wait for results or dealing with the problem of pests efficiently but with a comprehensive approach of dealing with the root of the issue. This could mean combining eco-friendly materials with some traditional materials. Many exterminators aim to limit the use of chemicals and provide advice on prevention and dealing with an infestation when it starts. This comprehensive approach has been successful in many homes and creates a more comfortable environment.


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