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Creating A Greener Home From Floor To Ceiling



Going green isn’t just something  you should be doing to help the environment. You can also help yourself, both live a healthier life and even save some money in the long run. Living a greener life is a great way to just feel better about yourself and the life you are living.

You can do a lot of things inside your home to make your life more green. You can switch to more natural fibers in your carpet and furniture. You can start using safer household cleaners. And, you can even starting using greener energy.

Decorating More Greenly

Start your new green living plan by making your home a more green place. You can do that by looking more closely at the products that you are bringing into your home. Some manmade materials can be harmful to your health, so take some time to research what’s best for the air that you are breathing.

It can be helpful to decorate with items made from materials like hemp and bamboo, which are both sustainable materials. Pick furniture that is modern, and has a great design. Many furniture materials are being made with more quality and natural materials now. You could opt to shop for pieces that are free trade or locally made as well.

Lessening Your Carbon Footprint

Consider some green energy options when it comes to your home heating and electricity. You can use corn, and other more green options, for heating. It’s also well worth it to put in a wood stove or a fireplace.

Get skylights put in so that you can use the natural sunlight to light your home most of the day. Having solar panels to collect energy will help you light things at night. You should also always be unplugging electronics and appliances when they aren’t in use.

Adding Nature To The Indoors

Those skylights letting the sun in are one great way to help bring nature into your home, but there are some other things that you can do as well. When it’s nice outside open your windows to let fresh air flow through. This is a better air cleaner than spraying air fresheners.

You should also have some live plants living inside your home. You’d be amazed to learn of all of the toxins some live plants can clean from your air. Consider ferns, daisies, aloe, and other plants that can keep the air you breath clean.

There are plenty of other things you can do in order to have a greener home. Watch labels on your cleaning products to make sure you are buying things that are better for your health and home. You can also find natural cleaners right in your own home, like lemon juice and baking soda.

This type of cleaning will help you save money. When you do decide to get rid of things, like that old, less earth friendly furniture, donate it instead of throwing it out. You’ll be contributing much less to the landfills.

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