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CSR and sustainability practices found to boost public perception of firms



The way a company communicates its sustainability practices positively affects its performance and reputation, according to a recent survey.

People in the US are more likely to trust and respect those businesses that effectively communicate their sustainability efforts and projects, according to an online survey led by Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Those interviewed commented on how important it was for a company to have and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability strategies.

Almost all (91%) of respondents said implementing CSR policies were “critical” to the long-term success of a business, while more than half (54%) said that these firms would be “more profitable” as a result.

Fifty-seven per cent said they were more likely to invest in or buy from a corporation that was working to become more sustainable, and 82% remained convinced that companies can regain public trust by being transparent and honest about their efforts – and even their difficulties or mistakes – in becoming sustainable.

The survey highlights how CSR can influence public perception with regards to a company’s behaviour, but overall it shows that by behaving responsibly, corporations can regain credibility.

As Blue & Green Tomorrow continues to stress, CSR practices are not only the expression of a responsible attitude towards the society, the environment and a company’s staff and shareholders.

Attention to sustainability is also becoming more and more useful in promoting a positive, transparent and sincere image for companies, and influencing employees’ behaviour, as documented by a recent Gibbs & Soell study.

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