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Ecology Building Society launch Twitter campaign to save neighbouring tree



Employees at the Ecology Building Society in Silsden, West Yorkshire, have launched a last-ditch effort to save a tree outside their offices.

The old tree is due to be cut down tomorrow in order to make way for a new Aldi store next door. 

Staff at Ecology say the tree need not be harmed for the store to be built, and are urging followers on Facebook and Twitter to convince Aldi to leave it be.

They are also appealing for supporters to email the firm, at, to ask them not to go ahead. 

“Losing this tree might not be on the same scale as global climate catastrophe, but it’s one small bit of environmental stupidity we might be able to stop,” Ecology said in an email.

Ecology, one of the youngest building societies in existence, offers sustainable mortgages for properties and projects that take care not to harm the environment. These mortgages are funded through a range of transparent savings accounts.

The firm was named as Blue & Green Tomorrow’s 2013 sustainable bank of the year.

People who move to Ecology understand that we’ve got a good financial track record over many years, but their main reason is usually a desire to know what’s actually being done with their money – how their personal capital is being deployed”, chief executive Paul Ellis told Blue & Green Tomorrow in The Guide to Sustainable Banking 2013.

We direct a lot of energy into making it clear exactly what we intend to do with our members’ money, and what we expect the outcomes to be of that activity. That’s what people value.”

Photo: Ecology Building Society via Twitter

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