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Scrap Car by Peace6x via Flickr Scrap Car by Peace6x via Flickr


Get Rid of Scrap Car That Unnecessarily Takes Up Space at Your House



Realistically, is that old scrap car in front of your home, cluttering up your lawn as one big sore spot, worth hanging onto? Is it truly worth fixing, and are you ever really going to get around to doing that big restoration project? Chances are–whatever the reason the car is sitting there, and rusting in the first place–it’s just not worth your time. It would be more profitable to sell it for its scrap value.

Why You Don’t Want One Taking Up Space

Regardless of the reason it’s just sitting there, a scrap car more or less just takes up space. Besides being a negative on your property’s beauty, it presents hazards to you and your family, as well. An accident-damaged car, having been reshaped into a squeeze box, presents sharp, cutting corners to the un-wary passer-by. Children, especially, are fond of playing in abandoned vehicles. Sharp metal and broken glass can lead to emergency stitches in a hurry. Another threat a scrap car poses is the fact that insects and other critters–like bees and rodents–tend to make homes out of them. And if the car was, indeed, the result of an accident, the chances of it being fixable, or that repairs should be inexpensive, are slim if the damage was anything more than minor. The car may be a solemn reminder of tragedy and loss, nothing you would want to look at on a daily basis.

Good Intentions and the Project Car

You may be like many others before you–faced with a decision concerning a “project” car. Unless you have a garage stocked with tools; lots of money for parts; and the knack for tracking down parts that are often discontinued, if not rare; and the drive to get it done, that project car is going to continue taking up space in your driveway and incurring the embitterment of your spouse. Sad but true, that dream project is most likely destined to be a scrap car, despite your good intentions.

Fast Cash

Notwithstanding all the cons, a scrap car does present you with one pro: it’s worth money! Need cash for a rainy day? Do you owe a friend or family member money? Have you got gambling debts to pay? Maybe your everyday driver broke down, and you need cash for the part to fix it? Sell that scrap car–you’ll free up space in your yard; get rid of an eye sore; and walk away with some quick cash! Some scrap cars are even worth thousands of dollars.

It’s really quite simple. Recycling and car removal companies will pay you a fair price, and remove that unwanted scrap car from your property. All it takes is a phone call, or a booking for removal via email. All makes and models are welcome, and it doesn’t matter if the car runs or not. A removal service will pay you for it either way.

Scrap Car Removal

If you reside in the Adelaide area, and are tired of living with and looking at an old, damaged car, call HS Car Removals They service the Adelaide area, and pay cash for scrap car removals in Adelaide. Towing of the scrap vehicle is free, and prices paid are very competitive. There’s no longer any reason to suffer that scrap car–taking up all that space at your house–any longer. Contact your local removal service and have that nuisance hauled away. Your wallet and your spouse will thank you.