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Green Your House Move



House moves can be extremely harsh on the environment. We tend to use a ton of boxes, bubble wrap, cleaning products and tape. However, it is not impossible to move house in an eco-friendly manner that is kind to our planet. Read on for some tips on how to stay green while moving house.

Packing is a pain. We never actually realise how much stuff we own until we start packing our lives up to move house. So, before you pack anything, have a mega clear out. Reduce and recycle.

Sell you unwanted items online, donate them to charity or give them to friends and family. The less stuff you have the easier and quicker packing will be.

When it comes to actually packing you do not need hundreds of boxes. First start by filling all the suitcases you own and then try to source extra. Ask friends, families, neighbours if you can borrow theirs just while you move house.

Instead of using bubble wrap for breakables try using spare bed sheets, towels or even t-shirts.  You can also use items like laundry bags for packing.

Now when it comes to cleaning the house.  A lot of the cleaning products we use day to day do more harm than good and that’s why it can be an excellent idea to make and use your own cleaning products. It is kinder to the environment and to your pocket in equal measures.

All you need is water, lemon and vinegar and you have created the perfect mix. Buy yourself a reusable spray bottle in most discount stores that you can refill over and over again.

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford to hire someone to do the cleaning for you, quiz them on what cleaning products they use and ensure they are eco-friendly in their cleaning methods.

When it comes to moving day it’s always a good idea to hire professional help. When it comes to getting a cheap and green moving company check out Shiply is an online an eco-friendly transport marketplace that matches you with delivery drivers who are already making similar trips. To date, it is estimated that Shiply has saved over 33 million unnecessary truck miles.

There you have it a few easy to follow green moving tips that will save you money and won’t harm our precious environment.




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