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How to be More Environmentally-Conscious in 2021

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It would be difficult to find a more worthwhile cause to support in 2021 than protecting the environment. Indeed, regardless of your age, profession, or social status, everyone benefits from a healthy environment and sustainable practices. You will find that a lot of people are more concerned about sustainability than ever. Gallup has found that 65% of citizens prefer sustainability over the economy.

However, not everybody knows how to be eco-friendly. There are a lot of ways to promote sustainability. We have some eco-friendly living tips here worth looking into.

To that end, today we’ll explain how everyday people can be more environmentally conscious in 2021. Just making a few quick changes to your routine can make a big difference for the environment. Check out our top tips on the matter here.

Walk, Run, and Cycle

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to find times to walk, jog, or ride a bicycle when you otherwise would have driven a car or used public transportation. Not only is exercise good for you in general, but walking or biking to complete errands or to commute to work can cut down on your use of fossil fuels. We previously pointed out that walking lowers your carbon footprint by 75%.

Note, if you have trouble exercising because of foot pain, make sure to visit a clinic like a bunion surgery center to address this issue. Trust us, you’ll be much happier if you’re able to walk and move without discomfort.

Go Green

Plants are fantastic for numerous reasons. First, trees and other plants are an essential aspect of our ecosystem, and they’re vital players in the fight against climate change. Additionally, plants are beautiful, and they’re a perfect addition to any office or domestic space. And finally, plants in gardens can also produce delicious home-grown food like tomatoes and peppers. Purchasing a few plants can be a great way to start your environmentalist journey. One final note: a beautiful plant can also make a tremendous holiday gift for someone special in your life!

Partner Up

If you take the time to ask around, odds are you’ll find people in your social circle who care just as much about the environment as you do. Once you find these like-minded individuals, make it a point to team up with them and work together. By combining your efforts to recycle, reuse, and cut down on carbon emissions, you can maximize your impact.

Invest in Your Home

Making a few key eco-friendly home improvements to your home can drastically reduce the amount of energy you waste on an annual basis. For instance, having new windows or doors installed can help cut down on heating/cooling costs. What’s more, ambitious homeowners may consider having solar panels installed. However, you go about upgrading your home this year, make sure to keep the environment in mind when you do so.

Make Sustainable Living a Core Priority

Becoming a more environmentally-conscious person will likely require time, effort, and financial investment. The good news is that by adjusting your lifestyle now, you can ensure a healthier and happier world in the future!

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