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How to Wear Eco-Friendly Fashion

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The fashion industry is one the most wasteful with their endless cycles of trends and fads. So much of our clothes end up going into landfills because of it. The couturier Yves Saint Laurent is famous for having said: “Fashions fade, style is forever.” Fast-fashion companies seem to have forgotten or ignored these words of wisdom and churn out new lines of clothing all the time.

In the case of big retailers, it can be weekly or even more often. This creates a constant desire for new products (which is what they want). But this type of clothing is often made unethically with extremely cheap – sometimes toxic – materials. These pieces aren’t meant to last as there’ll be a new trend to follow very soon. The industry heavily relies on this cycle of consumerism.

It’s time for everyone to take a hard look at their shopping habits and buy clothing that’s better for the planet, humans, and animals. Thankfully, designers and fashion houses are taking notice and have started making timeless fashion and high quality, durable clothing that isn’t terrible for the environment.

These days, you can dress beautifully and feel good about what you’re wearing. These are the clothing choices and brands we should all be investing in.

Eco-Friendly Fashion

Eco-friendly fashion is about consuming ethically and consuming less. It means being smart about what you buy, so that your clothes and accessories will last. You should invest in clothing and accessories that will withstand being worn and washed without falling apart. One of the best parts of sustainable fashion is that it achieves this very feat: durability.

Indeed, as reported by many of the top men’s fashion blogs, the first and most important step of wearing eco-friendly fashion is who and where you get it from. It’s up to you to figure out how you want to consume–so do your due diligence and research the companies you buy from thoroughly.

Here’s our list of tips on how you can wear eco-friendly fashion

Shop Organic

Buying organic is not only for your food. Materials made from organic fibers are grown using less water and no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or Genetically Modified Organisms. The toxins from these are harmful to the earth but also farmers, workers, and consumers.

Plus, organic cotton is super soft and can stand up to multiple washes. Just don’t dry your organic clothes in the dryer as they tend to shrink. Line dry if possible.

Buy Recycled Items

Companies that use recycled materials are making a true effort to tackle the excess amount of waste we produce. Whether you buy durable plastic shoes for women made from recycled water bottles or a swimsuit made of discarded fishnets, recycling makes a big difference.

Shop Second-Hand

Taking the time to find a bargain in a secondhand shop can be incredibly rewarding. You could go to a thrift store, vintage boutique or charity shop, and you’ll be shocked at how much quality clothing you can find there!

Upcycle Your Own Clothes

Instead of throwing away your unworn clothes, get creative and turn them into something you love! There are plenty of tutorials on the internet about transforming your unwanted items into marvels of DIY.

Hire a Tailor

Taking your clothes to a tailor can be your secret fashion weapon. Whether you need your vintage items tailored to your measurements or you haven’t nailed upcycling just yet, a tailor is the person for you.

Dress and Shop Responsibly

Remember that as the consumer, you influence the market by your very decisions. Choosing to buy sustainable fashion can make a real difference in how clothing companies design their products.

It is encouraging to see many pop culture retailers starting to push for eco-friendly fashion as well. If you are interested in dressing up like a favorite celebrity or fictitious hero, you can find sustainable versions of those costumes. For character clothing visit popgear and look for sustainable options.

Spread the Word

Being vocal about climate change and the threat it poses to the environment is one of the most powerful tools you have to make a difference. So, be social and tell your friends about everything you’re doing to wear eco-friendly fashion. Don’t just dress eco-friendly, live it! Let it permeate into all aspects of your life.

Make sure that whatever you take on, you’re doing it with enthusiasm. Being eco-conscious can seem tricky at first but can become a wonderful habit if you put your whole heart into it. Over time, it’ll become your norm.