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6 Key Eco-Friendly Style Hacks for Men’s Fashion

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More people than ever are concerned about sustainability in 2024. One recent poll from the OECD found that 65% of people are willing to make personal sacrifices to live sustainable lifestyles to improve the planet for their children and other species.

However, we don’t always think of all the ways that we can live greener. One thing that we may need to do is buy eco-friendlier clothing. We covered some of these tips in this article.

What You Need to Know When Coming Up with a Sustainable Wardrobe as a Man

We live in a world where sustainability is taking over the fashion industry like a storm. In fact, many big brands have adopted sustainable fashion and are producing eco-friendly pieces.

Adopting eco-friendly fashion doesn’t mean compromising on your personal style or breaking the bank. Instead, it is all about creating a stylish wardrobe and contributing to the planet at the same time. We interviewed a fashion expert that talked about some of the changes you can make to have eco-friendlier wardrobes.

In this article, we’ll explore some simple tips and style hacks for adopting sustainable men’s fashion. So, let’s begin:


1.     Organize and Plan Your Wardrobe

First and foremost, take a look at your wardrobe to get an idea of what pieces you already have. The idea here is to understand what these pieces are made or which materials or dyes are involved.

Know that not all clothing materials contribute to the environment. You never know if the trendy clothes you’re wearing are made of harsh materials. Some of the clothing materials which are bad for the environment are:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Leather
  • Acrylic
  • Rayon

The clothes that make you look stylish are made of these clothing materials which can negatively impact the environment.

So, the goal here is not to throw away the outfits you already have. Instead, it is all about making careful considerations in the future by shopping for the right items made of eco-friendly fabrics.


2.     Shop For Natural and Organic Fabrics

This is the continuation of the above point. Shopping for natural and organic fabrics is the simplest way to adopt sustainable fashion for men.

There are some materials that have a lower environmental impact compared to conventional fabrics. Some of them include:

  • Organic cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Tencel (Lyocell)
  • Linen
  • Wool

Not only are these fabrics eco-friendly, but they also look stylish and give you the maximum comfort you deserve.


3.     Master the Capsule Wardrobe Concept

A capsule wardrobe concept is all about having a minimalist collection of clothes that can be put together in different ways.

This concept streamlines your wardrobe, emphasizing quality over quantity. By carefully selecting timeless, mix-and-match pieces, individuals can create a wardrobe that transcends seasonal trends.

For example, you can invest in graphic t-shirts which can be worn in different ways. You can pair it with streetwear hoodies or varsity jackets. Also, for the bottomwear, you can pair it with stylish men’s baggy jeans.

Additionally, having a timeless white shirt is a must. A white shirt can be paired with a blazer or coat in formal settings.

This approach not only simplifies your daily dressing routine but also reduces the need for excess clothing, leading to less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.


4.     Consider Renting or Borrowing

Let’s be real – we don’t wear some clothes often, maybe just a few times a year for special events like weddings. Buying new clothes just for these occasions can be expensive and not very practical. So, here’s an idea: why not borrow them instead?

Borrowing clothes for special events can save you money and also help the environment. When we share and reuse clothing, we reduce the need for making new clothes and cut down on textile waste. It’s a simple way to lessen the financial load on your wallet while making a positive impact on the planet.

So, the next time you’re headed to a special event, think about borrowing that fancy outfit instead of buying something new for just one day.


5.     Shop Vintage

To adopt sustainable fashion for men, why not add a few vintage items to your closet? You can find unique styles, designs, and cuts at thrift shops and even online. Also, since you’re recycling something that already exists, you’re promoting sustainability.

Know that shopping for vintage items doesn’t mean compromising on the quality. After all, these are the items that have held up this long.


6.     Don’t Overlook the Footwear

When it comes to adopting sustainable fashion, most men often overlook the importance of choosing the right footwear. Picking up the right footwear is as important as choosing the right outfits.

Opting for shoes made from eco-friendly materials like recycled leather or organic cotton reduces environmental impact. Sustainable footwear not only prioritizes the planet but also ensures longevity and durability, discouraging the need for frequent replacements.

Also, choose timeless styles that can complement various outfits, providing versatility and reducing fashion’s ecological footprint.


Summing Up

Embracing eco-friendly style in men’s fashion is not just a trend; it’s a conscious choice that contributes to a more sustainable future.

By adopting these quick tips and style hacks, men can redefine their approach to fashion, aligning their wardrobe choices with environmental responsibility.

Cloe especially enjoys reading and writing about career, travel, technology, and sustainable living topics. Since starting her freelance writing career, she has penned articles for various environmentally-aware blogs and sites, including Fuso. Check out more of Cloe’s work here.


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