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7 Guidelines on Finding an Eco-Friendly Pair of Running Shoes

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Sustainability is one of the most important topics that you should focus on as a consumer. You have to think about the environmental impact of every product that you purchase.

Running shoes are a prime example. You need to make sure that you take sustainability into account when buying shoes to hit the running trails.

Unfortunately, finding environmentally responsible running shoes can be trickier than it seems. Many shoes are produced overseas in factories where sustainability is one of the least important considerations. However, finding the right one as an eco-consumer requires effort.

Finding the Perfect Pair of Eco-Friendly Running Shoes

When setting out to get the right pair of running shoes, doing research and gathering as much information as you can help you be armed with the right aspects entailed in getting the right pair. Knowing your weight, build preferences, and style of running effect whichever brand of shoe you choose to go with. You will have to do even more research when you are looking for environmentally friendly shoes, since there are other factors to consider.

Here are some tips for choosing an eco-friendly pair of running shoes.

Look for a brand built entirely around sustainability (and is free of greenwashing)

Sustainability is a huge priority for many companies. You have to make sure that a shoe company has a track record for living up to an eco-friendly mission statement. They might make vegan shoes or other shoes that are good for the planet.

You need to be cautious about taking a company at its word, because many companies engage in greenwashing – a practice of claiming to be sustainable as part of their marketing strategy without really delivering on it. Rolling Stone had an article on green shoe companies. The authors pointed out that AllBirds, Suavs and Converse are examples of shoe brands with eco-friendly focuses.

Consider longevity

Topics about ethical consumerism usually center around the types of materials used in the product. However, that is not the only issue that you have to focus on. Longevity is an important topic when it comes to being an eco-conscious consumer.

You don’t want to buy a shoe made from eco-friendly materials that is likely to fall apart. It will still have a large environmental footprint if you have to keep replacing it, since even the greenest materials are made from resources that can harm the environment when they are extracted or treated. Take a look at independent consumer review sites to see how well the shoes hold up after frequent use.

Your environment matters

Understanding the environment where you will be running matters a lot when choosing a pair of running shoes. You would want shoes that protect against the terrain and external factors such as sticks, stones, and mud. You would also want to be comfortable and agile while running to help reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

Asics stores in AU consider different terrains in which one will be running on and therefore boast a huge collection of running shoes to suit most terrains. For hard and rough surfaces, you will require a tough shoe to be able to offer support and absorb the shock impact. Smoother surfaces require shoes that offer grip and support to prevent slipping.

Off-road runners will also need grip and stability hence the studs to prevent injury or falling. Therefore, using these shoes on unnatural surfaces will destroy the studs, sending you back to the drawing board.


Analyzing your gait will help determine your pronation style. Pronation is how your feet move from side to side when running. The movement of the feet determines your stance. AU Asics stores consider your pronation and conduct a test to check the right fit for you.

Understanding one’s gait help protect general health by understanding one’s posture and movement during running.

All about insoles

These are add-ons to running shoes to help increase the level of comfort. Insoles offer additional padding suitable to prevent the feet from slipping or sliding. This helps prevent chafing and injury of the heel. Bring your preferred insoles during a fitting at the AU Asics store and see the difference after getting your preferred choice.

For those prone to shin splints, acquiring a pair of orthotic insoles will work best in reducing pain and enhancing stability and grip during running. It is a good idea to look for insoles that are made from easily recyclable material to minimize your impact on the planet.

Don’t forget socks

Socks greatly affect the overall running experience. Socks help prevent moisture from building up during running and help protect the feet from the comfortability of the swelling which happens naturally when running.

Thin socks are ideal as they are not bulky. Thinner socks are also usually better for the environment, since they don’t require as much material or processing. It is important to come with the type of sock you prefer during a fitting at Australian Asics stores, to get a feel of how your feet will feel.

Does brand matter?

The brand does not matter when it comes to running shoes. The functionality and comfort matter greatly, as this protects the feet, therefore, influencing one’s agility and movement. Great-looking shoes can make one prone to injury if the right specifications are not met. Asics stores in Australia have great-looking shoes that not only offer style but give the right modifications for running considering individual foot structure and pronation.

With an array of different brands, styles, and colors, you are assured of finding the very best and maintaining roper feet care by the various modifications on each shoe. This helps you decide on the right pair while having professional advice from one of the best in the business.

Buying Eco-Friendly Shoes is Difficult But Not Impossible

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when looking for eco-friendly shoes. Make sure that you do your research to find a pair that is good for you and the environment.

Daniela McVicker is a professional writer and editor for various websites. As someone with a strong love for taking care of the environment, she truly enjoys providing the younger generations with easy yet efficient tips for preventing global warming and living a more sustainable life.