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Creative Ideas to Practice Eco-friendlier Consumerism

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Are you committed to following an eco-friendly lifestyle? You are not alone. Environmentalism has become a major concern for countless people. Gallup polls have recently shown that 65% of Americans prioritize the environment over the economy.

Like it or not, money has a big effect on the world we inhabit. Indeed, the decisions that corporations and individual consumers make every day have a direct impact on the environment. Sadly, an estimated 45% of corporations claiming to support the economy turn out to be hypocrites.

As a result, environmentally-conscious individuals should take care to make smart choices with their spending capital. The good news is that it is possible to both promote environmental causes and prevent further damage to the planet when you go shopping. To that end, here are four tips you’ll want to keep in mind:

Look for Sustainable Solutions

Sometimes, making the sustainable choice is obvious. It’s better to purchase reusable straws than to waste money on straws that are not recyclable. After all, recycling is very important.

These sorts of decisions are fairly easy for eco-friendly shoppers to make on the fly. Other times, though, shoppers may not recognize sustainable purchase solutions immediately. For example, it could seem reasonable for someone who experiences foot pain to purchase items like bunion splints. Yet, in reality, these products are both ineffective and wasteful. Rather than spending your money on such products, eco-friendly shoppers need to go the extra mile to seek out alternatives. Which leads us to our second point . . .

Research Everything

Eco-friendly shoppers should make the extra effort to patronize businesses that prioritize the environment and that support environmental causes. Similarly, they should avoid doing business with organizations that disregard environmental regulations. Unfortunately, determining whether a company is eco-friendly or not can be quite tricky. That’s why it’s important for environmentally-conscious consumers to research major brands and businesses. Identify companies with a strong environmental record and support them as often as possible.


Do you know any small businesses that prioritize environmental causes and that use sustainable practices? If so, then you can help such a business expand its reach and reach new customers by writing a positive review online on their behalf. In fact, just telling your friends and family about a local produce shop, a nature reserve, or an environmentally-conscious retail location can make a big difference for them. Word-of-mouth advertising can still be very effective –– particularly for small businesses.

Adjust Your Budget

Occasionally, making the eco-friendly choice may cost more than the alternative. Given this fact, people who are passionate about the environment may need to adjust their budget to ensure they’re able to support environmentally-friendly organizations. For example, purchasing a hybrid or electric car will likely cost more than a traditional vehicle. So, it’s crucial for environmentalists to factor these extra costs into their budget. Supporting good causes may require some sacrifices in the short term, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Make Sustainability a Top Priority as a Consumer

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider as an eco-friendly consumer. You need to do your research and make sure that you support truly environmentally friendly companies. The tips listed above should go a long way towards promoting true sustainability.