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International Paper joins WWF to promote responsible forestry



Global packaging and paper firm International Paper has signed up to the WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN), which looks to eliminate illegal logging and promote environmental forest management.

The GFTN boasts around 200 members, who have signed up to meet the demands of the growing amount of consumers that want to know where their wood is sourced from, and whether it has been done so sustainably.

We have long been committed to responsible forestry everywhere we operate, and collaborating with WWF is an excellent way to demonstrate and grow that commitment”, said International Paper’s vice president of sustainability, Teri Shanahan.

As a GFTN participant, International Paper has announced that it will release an updated global fibre sourcing policy. This will follow on from the company’s set of voluntary goals for 2012, which focused on increasing third-party certified wood by 15% by 2020.

In addition, the firm has agreed to support WWF’s programmes aimed at targeting forests that hold particular biodiversity, landscapes and socio-economic values.

Ensuring the continued health of the world’s forests is among our top priorities at International Paper, we see our voluntary sustainability goals as well as collaboration with GFTN as important for continuing to protect this natural resource”, said James McDonald, International Paper’s sustainability manager.

Also largely welcomed this year by environmental organisations was Asia Pulp and Paper’s announcement that said it would be ending its deforestation activities after receiving a opposition for a decade from Greenpeace.

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