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Online portal launched to help manufacturers recycle



Waste is and has always been inevitable problem facing all manufacturers in the UK. Companies are often overwhelmed by the complex situation of finding the best way to dispose of a huge amount of waste; some of which they may deem unrecyclable.

One of the main problems is that there is often not a clear method of recycling some byproducts.

Manufacturers need to be able to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to solve these problems. A quick online search will find a number of facilities to recycle common waste materials such as glass, paper and tin.

But information about specialist recyclers that can recover vital resources from materials that are often left unrecycled is much harder to find.

A North Lincolnshire company – Re:Sourcing UK – hopes to help manufacturers find these specialist recyclers by launching a new online portal to share information.

The firm, based in Brigg, aims to provide companies with alternative waste management solutions that dispose of their waste products in a more environmentally friendly way.

The portal provides manufacturers with a simple and free method of submitting basic information about their waste. This information is then brought to the attention of a network of specialist recyclers, innovators and academics. If any waste material excites interest, they then put the manufacturer in touch with the recycler.

This new service recognises the reality that industrial waste streams need to be matched with industrial specialists”, said business manager Andrew Gadd.

Companies like the fact that we bring opportunities to their attention, from straightforward recycling right up to working with prestigious universities to unlock the hidden value of their waste.”

Many manufacturers using this new site may not find anything that beats their existing method of waste disposal. But more knowledge provided about specialist recycling can only result in more innovative approaches to improve resource recovery.

Jamie Freshwater is a 21-year-old journalism graduate from the University of Lincoln.

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