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Raise a Glass: ‘Co-operative’ Service Makes Glass Recycling Early Priority



A pioneering service for co-operative waste and recycling contracts on behalf of Scottish councils has announced plans for its first contracts, which include long-term deals for glass recycling.

The Scottish Materials Brokerage Service is a partnership between local authorities, the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland which aims to get a better deal for the public sector and help stimulate investment in reprocessing of recyclable materials.

The Brokerage Service is today notifying the market of a number of contracts to deal with separately collected glass.  This will include contracts for mixed glass as well as colour-separated glass (amber, clear and green).

It is expected that the contracts will have durations of between seven and ten years and will go live from July 2016.  Potential suppliers are being notified internationally to generate as broad an interest as possible.

The Brokerage Service is also expected to issue contracts for dry mixed recycling and residual waste treatment in the coming months, as well as other single stream recyclables like cans and plastic bottles.

Scottish Government Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said: “High quality recycling is a key element of delivering our ambitions for a circular economy in Scotland and our unique Brokerage Service is a vital part of achieving that.  By working together with councils we can help to develop markets for recycled materials here in Scotland.

“Glass recycling is a natural starting point for this service.  It provides Scotland with a great opportunity to create jobs in the circular economy, by supplying recycled glass back into packaging for our iconic Scotch whisky industry, as well as to other innovative Scottish companies.”

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Zero Waste Scotland provides technical advice to the Brokerage Service and we have advised on procurement options for glass.  Glass has properties that make it an ideal focus for high-quality recycling in Scotland, as it can be indefinitely recycled without significant loss of quality, as well as supporting indigenous industries here in Scotland.  This is an important step forward and the first of a number of contracts through the Brokerage Service that will support Scotland’s ambitions for a circular economy.”