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5 Reasons Environmentalists Must Promote Clean Water for Our Health

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The fight for a better environment is multi-faceted. We have to be aware of the countless environmental issues that we are facing.

We often talk about the importance of fighting climate change. We can’t understate this, because climate change poses a very real existential threat to humanity and threatens countless other species throughout the world. We must all do our part to take steps to fight climate change.

However, there are also a number of other environmental crises that we must prepare for and take action to address. One of the biggest concerns we must deal with is the decline in clean water.

Fortunately, people will be more focused on promoting better environmental policies if they recognize the health risks of poor drinking water. You should inform yourself about the importance of clean drinking water for your health and take the right steps to safeguard it and make it more available.

Importance of Promoting Clean Water Accessibility for Better Health

As possibly the most essential resource that humans need to survive, drinking water can provide many benefits – some of which you might not even know about. This is one of the most important reasons that you can’t ignore the importance of sound environmental practices.

To keep your body healthy and in a good condition, you’ll want to drink clean water regularly, with the NHS recommending consuming as much as 8 full glasses of water a day. Furthermore, ensuring your water is clean can be easy with water purification. This is a simple step to take to avoid contaminated water with harmful bacteria and viruses ready to cause immediate negative health impacts. So, to learn about the benefits that drinking clean water can provide you with, read on for more information!

Drinking water may improve your exercise

One common fact is that water keeps you hydrated, although the result of this hydration can also affect your physiological function and exercise performance too. If you want to enhance your sporting abilities or just your fitness in general, drinking water has certainly been proven to help in this area.

Drinking water may help your brain, including your mood and memory

While dehydration can impair mood and memory in humans of all ages, it’s important to target these negative impacts by drinking water. Not drinking water can also increase the chances of you getting migraines or headaches, as well as heightening anxiety. Consuming water aids your heart’s pumping action to allow the blood and oxygen to be delivered around your body, supplying each cell with what it needs to survive. Therefore, clean water is essential to brain health.

Drinking water may help take care of your hair and skin

Water helps to make your skin and hair fresh and healthy by keeping them hydrated and working as a detoxifier. In turn, this prevents dermatological problems such as acne – something that everyone wants to avoid!

Drinking water may help maintain a regular body temperature

Your body sends water to your skin’s surface to release heat as sweat when you get too hot. With water playing a crucial role in thermoregulation, you can help maintain a healthy body temperature by drinking water. If you don’t have enough water when you are too hot, whether it is a nice summer’s day or you are engaging in exercise, you risk losing too much water by sweating, even possibly resulting in you passing out.

How to get clean water to have the above-mentioned benefits

While there are so many benefits to drinking water, drinking dirty water will cause more harm than good, with malicious viruses and bacteria sometimes dwelling in it. Contaminated water can spread diseases, with some negative health impacts even being immediate. You need to take action on this to make sure the water you consume is actually safe. While tap water in the UK which adheres to the legal quality standards is generally safe to drink, you might want to take extra precautions and need to be more careful with what you consume elsewhere. You can do this by installing a home water purification system or filters. These can remove a variety of impurities such as bacteria and pesticides, giving you the peace of mind that you and your family can safely drink water straight from your tap. Additionally, water softener installation is an option when it comes to sourcing clean water for you to drink. A water softener system turns hard water into soft water, reducing the present hardening agents such as calcium and magnesium ions. There are more environmentally friendly alternatives to water softeners that you can use too, with eco-friendly water softener installation getting rid of your water hardness with no need to carry salt and no need for plumbing costs. Treating your water in this way can also provide other great benefits such as lowered maintenance costs, with no cleaning purchases needed to get rid of limescale, reduced needs to replace broken appliances, and less soap needed to form a lather.

We Must Make Clean Water an Environmental Priority

While drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water each day might seem a little overwhelming, it is certainly possible once you incorporate it fully into your daily routine and create a habit out of it. The cleanliness of this water is as significant as the amount you actually drink, so make sure that you are drinking safely as well as plentifully, by, for example, using water treatment. Cleaning your water is actually simpler than you first might think, so don’t let this stand in the way of the health benefits that you could be gaining for yourself every single day.

Of course, we can’t focus entirely on cleaning our water ourselves. We need to also make sure that we have a large supply of clean water throughout the world. This means that promoting clean water needs to be a huge priority for anyone concerned about both the environment and their health.

Cat Robinson is a freelance writer lucky enough to be living on the beautiful KwaZulu Natal coast of South Africa. Instilled with a love of language from an early age, she enjoys bending her pen to different subjects, researching new topics and, hopefully giving a touch of flair to every piece she writes!She is passionate about educating her readers through entertaining content that makes complex issues easier to understand and has written on topics as diverse as vegan nutrition to woodworking tools to travel. When she’s no writing or entertaining her three feline furbabies, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen with indigenous plants – often with mixed results!


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