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Sir Richard Branson To Inspire Young Leaders About Natural Capital



One of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, and influencers around responsible business practices, Sir Richard Branson, will inspire a group of young leaders as he takes part in the World Forum on Natural Capital at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) on 23 November 2015.

Sir Richard will lead a roundtable discussion, by answering questions via Skype, about ways to drive better management of natural capital.

Natural capital is the Earth’s stock of natural assets – including forests, rivers, land, minerals and oceans – that supply us with essential goods (such as food, medicine, fuel and building materials) and services (such as pollination, climate regulation and flood protection) on which all human life depends.

Natural capital is fast being depleted but this does not show up on traditional balance sheets and its value often remains invisible.

An increasing number of governments, businesses and financial institutions across the globe are recognising humanity’s reliance on natural capital and the urgency of accounting for the impact we have on it. This is leading to improved management of emerging risks, greater innovation and new solutions to help tackle major economic and environmental challenges, including resource scarcity, biodiversity loss and climate change.

Sir Richard Branson is passionate about adopting sustainable business approaches. He also uses his extensive influence to harness the resources of some of the world’s top entrepreneurs around this cause.

Sir Richard said: “Young leaders are in a unique position – they are the future and have the potential to drive change and tackle the most important issues we face. By looking at the opportunities available to those who put natural capital at the heart of decision-making, we can equip the world’s future leaders to promote and deliver sustainable business models.”

The Young Leaders’ Breakfast Roundtable, at which the young leaders will continue their discussions on the morning following their conversation with Sir Richard, is sponsored by Platform BEE. Rein Willems, Chair of Platform BEE, said: “We are delighted to be engaging with young leaders at the World Forum on Natural Capital. We look forward to a lively and stimulating debate about leadership and how the next generation of leaders could be instrumental in changing the way we look at the world.”

Sixteen young leaders will participate in the discussion with Sir Richard Branson live via videoconference at the World Forum on Natural Capital on Monday 23rd November. Participants will be selected from registered delegates based on their:

– Ability to bring fresh thinking to the debate on how to bring natural capital considerations into mainstream decision-making

– Ability to engage a wider audience in natural capital following the World Forum on Natural Capital

– Open-minded approach and willingness to learn

Registered delegates can apply for a place at the Young Leaders’ event by submitting 100 words explaining what they would add to the discussion. In addition, outstanding young leaders can win a place at the table plus a full two-day pass to the World Forum by submitting the single most important question they would like to ask Sir Richard Branson at no later than midnight UK time on Wednesday 11 November.