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Understanding The Most Hazardous Forms Of Trash For The Planet

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The damage we have done to the environment is very serious. We need to take a hard look at our daily lifestyle practices and find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

The biggest change that we need to make is reducing waste production. The EPA states that we produce around 270 million tons of waste a year.  However, a bigger concern is the type of waste we are producing. We need to reduce production of the most harmful types of waste. Keep reading to learn more.

Understanding the Most Dangerous Waste is Important to Saving the Planet

As humans, we need a lot of products to sustain ourselves. Whether it is to provide us with energy or comfort, we spend a lot so we can live a comfortable lifestyle. However, all that comfort comes with a toll. The effect of the cause we are making comes with a lot of trash that does not damage only the nature around us but the wildlife itself.

Even though there is no favorable type of trash some can be more dangerous than the other. There are certain things that we throw away and do not regard the safety of the people around us. Some types of trash do more damage than the other. If you are not sure about the type of waste you have, you can always rely on an experienced rubbish collection agency to confirm the potential danger. Disposing of it the right way may save the environment.

Let’s mention a few pieces of trash that you shouldn’t take lightly.


Styrofoam may not look like much to you, but it can be extremely dangerous for the wildlife. It is usually used for food containers and packaging. People throw it away without the disregard it might cause for the animals.

Animals usually eat the leftover food that is found on the Styrofoam containers and consume the Styrofoam itself. This might cause damage to their intestines and cause some of them to die if they consume too much.

Since Styrofoam breaks up easily, it ends up in streams and water where fish consume it as well.

Plastic Bags

Plastic is the most dangerous type of trash that humans produce. But plastic bags are especially dangerous. Since they are easy to throw away it is much easier for them to end up in a stream of water. Their fish start consuming it and it dangerously changes their hormones.

Due to this abnormal chance, many fish become intersex. More so, the plastic that fish eat eventually comes back to humans after they consume the fish.

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts cause all sorts of damage. They are not biodegradable and can cause all kinds of damage when consumed. Unfortunately, since butts are small they are easy to consume. A lot of animals eat them and the toxins found in them cause irreparable damage.

Additionally, the toxic elements found in cigarettes will start to leach when soaked in water. That way they can easily poison a water supply without anybody noticing it.

Chewing Gum

Getting a chewing gum stuck on your clothes or your shoe is more than annoying. You can think about how dangerous and hampering it can be for animals. It works the same for animals as they are stuck in it and hampers their movement if the situation is tough.

The most dangerous thing is still eating chewing gum, which can also happen. However, in this case, it does not provide an animal with any nourishment although it thinks that it has.


Balloons cause similar damage to plastic bags. But they can be even more dangerous. Letting a balloon go seems innocent enough but you don’t know where the balloon might end up. It can get stuck in a tree or end up somewhere in a forest. Either way, it falls prey to some animals that might consume it.

This is specifically dangerous for bigger animals. It might congest their intestinal tract and cause them to starve and die. Balloons are sometimes falsely marketed as biodegradable while this fact can’t be further away from the truth. They might cause more damage than we are aware of.

Avoid Producing the Most Dangerous Forms of Waste

One thing is clear – some forms of waste are more dangerous for the environment than others. You must recognize this and reduce production of them to help save the planet.