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US$225 Billion Billed To Global Economy As A Result Of Air Pollution Deaths



ClientEarth have responded to a report by the World Bank which concludes that air pollution deaths cost the global economy $225 billion in 2013.

James Thornton, CEO of environmental lawyers ClientEarth said: “This report from the World Bank shows that air pollution is not only a health crisis but is also hugely damaging to the global economy.

“Without a serious and concerted effort from governments worldwide, toxic air will continue to destroy lives and livelihoods for years to come. Politicians need to act and swiftly.

“That’s why we are launching a wave of new legal cases across Europe in the next few weeks. In the UK, we are being forced to take the government back to court next month, despite a Supreme Court ruling against them, just to get ministers to comply with legal air pollution limits set to protect people’s health. This issue is simply not being taken seriously enough by those in power.“