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5 Ways How Your Child Can Help Save the Planet

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I recently attended a green living seminar in San Jose. The keynote speaker made a very good point about the need to share green living tips with the next generation.

While most of us try to do our part to save the planet and leave something for our future generations, we often forget that the best way to do that is to get the kids on board. There is so much they can do that will make a considerable difference. Here is how you can inculcate the idea of a greener planet into your kids without compromising on what they want.

1. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Almost every child these days has a device or toy that requires some sort of batteries to operate. Well, there’s not much harm in that as long as you and your children choose to use rechargeable batteries. You can use them for console controllers, toys, watches and so much more. Not only does this save the cost of purchasing new batteries every week or so, but it also helps save the environment. Either way, you choose to see it, it’s a win-win situation in the long run. Here are some benefits of using rechargeable batteries and make the change. Start with something small and be amazed at how far it can go.

2. Mix Old School with the New

As times are changing, children prefer staying in paired with their devices rather than going outside and exploring the world. Well, maybe you can bring that back. Get your child a bike and encourage them to go out and find their own adventure. This is something any child, irrespective of age, can do. All they need to do is know how to ride a bike.

3. Educate your Child

Teach your child to respect other living beings, whether it’s people or animals. Teach them to not be scared of a spider or cockroach enough that they choose to squish them. Educate them about the environment and help them develop an affection for the world. Get started with hobbies that help not only your child but the environment as well. There is so much you can do with your child and get them to save the environment from a young age.

4. Disconnect Things

Another small step you can take to have your child save the planet is to get them to disconnect appliances after they are done using them (but only things that can be unplugged, you don’t want them defrosting the entire freezer!). Kids should learn to do this from a young age so that the habit stays with them forever. From their PlayStation and Xbox to chargers and smartphones, teach them to unplug appliances that can do without staying plugged in. As a parent, you should also monitor their use of smartphones through parental control apps like snapchat spy. This will give you a piece of mind that they are safe.

5. Recycle!

While recycling may not seem like the easiest way to start, there are so many small things you and your child can still do. For instance, have fun by using old items around the house to build something new, like a refrigerator box to make a cool spaceship or toilet rolls to make a telescope. You could even begin by buying pencils for your kid’s school supplies that grow into plants when you can’t use them anymore. Another thing you can teach your kids to do is to stop using plastic straws for their drinks and sip the old-fashioned way, from the cup or bottle!

There are a million more ways your child can take up to help save the environment. It is crucial you encourage the younger generation to start saving the planet.

Teach Your Child to Live a Greener Lifestyle

Green living is very important these days. You need to make sure that your children understand the importance of doing their part to ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment.