Yesterday’s Headlines 19/05/2016


Yesterday’s news included an announcement from the University of East Anglia that scientists have found tiny organisms in the sea that control the Earth’s temperature, the London Borough of Hounslow unveiled it’s installing the largest solar PV array by a local authority and electric meters in Europe are hoped to be changed to smart meters by 2020. In other news, eighty organisations are calling on Japan to stop building fossil fuel power plants and Portugal announced it ran entirely on renewable energy for four days. For all of yesterday’s news, read below.


New Files Will Dissect EU Climate Reform

New Digital Database Could Save Lives

Solar Success Despite Cuts

Hounslow Goes Green With Solar

Smart Meters Could Lower Europe’s Emissions

Japan’s Fossil Fuel Power Plants Must Go

Start With Renewables at Local Level, say Low Carbon Hub

Get Involved With The Great British Bee Count

Ocean Organisms Regulate Earth’s Temperature

Portugal Hit Clean Energy Milestone