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Articles you may have missed: April 12-18



These are the articles that have attracted the most interest on our site in the past week, and we’re republishing the links here to ensure you don’t miss out.

A week ago today, we published an article by Ecology Building Society’s Anna Laycock, who wrote how saving the world and financial success weren’t mutually exclusive objectives for investors, shareholders and banking customers.

Last weekend, we wrote about a study that said the technology industry had largely underestimated the surge in power use from cloud and wireless services. It described the pair as “energy monsters.

To kick off this week, we reported on three Gulf Coast residents who had travelled to the UK to reveal the continued devastating effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill to BP’s board and shareholders.

On Tuesday, we wrote about how a UN official had said the fight against hunger and climate change will depend on the success of sustainable development of oceans and fisheries.

A day later, we reviewed an event we had attended on Monday about corporate social responsibility, and published an interview with Peter Michaelis, head of SRI at Alliance Trust Investments.

Meanwhile, Seb Beloe of WHEB Asset Management looked back at the history of sustainability reporting yesterday.

We’ve also published two guides in the last seven days – on fair trade and ethical funds.