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Blue and Green’s top 10 electric cars: #2 Tesla S Model



Blue & Green Tomorrow has compiled a varied list, in both price and performance, of the top 10 commercially available electric cars.

Tesla’s s range is by far the most supreme in the electric car range. Creating a storm in the industry, Tesla are industry leaders with a view to maintain that prestigious position. The S Models certainly reflect that.

Although a premium price is attached, this does optimize the level of technology and styling that makes Tesla a competitor with most, if not all cars currently available.

The performance of these models can rival Porsche’s, but with the luxury of the high-end Mercedes and BMW models. It has a range of 311 miles, which is fairly unheard, especially with high performance models such as these.

The car is also packed with unique and never before seen commercially available tech – there isn’t even a start button, you just get in and go. There also a 17inch touchscreen panel in the centre of the dashboard that replaces any need for standard buttons. This car aims to embrace a level of futurism in its design – an attractive prospect to car-lovers wishing to embrace the future of car technology.

Currently priced at: £85,000

Photo source: harry_nl 

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