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Blue & Green Daily: Friday 10 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Major investors support BP climate resolution

Warmer weather leads to rise in air pollution

AODP: We need to divest from carbon and climate risk not companies

Sustainability: how far have we come?


10 April headlines

Permafrost ‘carbon bomb’ may be more of a slow burn, say scientists

The ‘carbon bomb’ is stored in the thawing Arctic permafrost may be releases in a slow leak as global warming takes hold, rather than an eruption, according to new research. Guardian.

Longer-term thinking ‘needed’ on air pollution

Warnings about dirty air come so often that only the most severe seem to catch anyone’s attention. The last major episode to grab the headlines came a year ago when many areas of Britain were blanketed in a noxious brew that turned skies grey-brown for several days. BBC.

Shell’s huge gas bet underscores big oil’s push to replace coal

BP coined the slogan ‘Beyond Petroleum’. The new industry manta might be ‘Beyond Oil and into Gas’. Oh, and while we’re at it, ‘Down with Coal’. Consider Shell’s recent $70 billion acquisition of BG Group- clearly a huge bet that natural gas will prove to be its cash cow of the future. Bloomberg.

Co-operative Group returns to profit

The Co-operative Group has returned to profit after a recovery in its grocery stores and the sale of its pharmacies and farmland helped the mutual to bounce back from near collapse. Telegraph.

Europe’s carbon capture dream beset by delays, fears and doubt

Brevik, a small coastal town two hours west of Oslo, has found itself on the front line of a global battle over a technology that is hailed in some quarters as the solution to climate change, but denigrated in others as a reckless and potential fatal gamble. Guardian.


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