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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 4 August headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Integrated sustainability key to business resilience, according to new report

MIT study links climate change, air pollution and decreasing food supplies

Fashion social enterprises helping communities and the environment

Climate and civil activists criticise proposed World Bank environmental and social framework

Minister Norman Baker: Animal testing to be stopped in UK


4 August headlines

Farming practices and climate change at root of Toledo water pollution

The toxins that contaminated the water supply if the city of Toledo – leaving 400,000 people without access to safe drinking water for two days – were produced by a massive algae bloom. But this is not a natural disaster. Water problems in the Great Lakes have spiked in the last three years largely because of agricultural pollution. Guardian.

Lloyds bank goes green and patriotic

Lloyds, the UK bank, has experienced a huge appetite for its environmental, social and governance (ESG) bond, which ticks all the boxes for asset managers trying to boost their responsible investment profile, and perhaps the patriotism box too. The ESG bond raised £250 million and could have taken half as much again based on the demand for the initial issuance on July 9. Financial Times.

Brazil challenges rich nations to better its carbon cuts

Brazil said it reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 3.2 billion metric tones in the five years through to 2010, equivalent to nine months of output in the European Union and better than any rich nation. Developed countries should focus on cutting their own emissions rather than urging other to do so, the Brazilian Ministry of External Relation has said. Bloomberg.

Energy probe should look at gas market too, warns MP

The forthcoming competition inquiry into the UK’s energy companies should also investigate the wholesale gas market, a senior MP has warned. Tim Yeo, chairman of the Energy Committee has said the investigation would be “compromised from the outset” if it did not look at wholesale gas prices. BBC.

Gurnard and chips, please: warmer seas change UK fish stock as cod head north

Cod and chips could soon become a dish of the mast, as Britain’s water become ever warmer. Marine experts have warned that rising sea temperatures are transforming the makeup of fish stocks in our coastal waters. Where cod and haddock ones thrived, sea bass, hake, red mullet and anchovies are now being caught in rising numbers. Guardian.


Interesting picks

Geoengineering the Earth’s climate send policy debate down a curious rabbit hole – Guardian

Rise of renewables adds to need for gas power – Financial Times

Shattering myths to help the climate – New York Times

Government ‘hypocrites’ over green investment – Morning Star Online

Error in satellite record may have overestimated Antarctic sea ice expansion – Guardian

Photo: Sanja gjenero via Freeimages

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