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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 15 January headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Business leaders call for stability reserve in EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Campaign calls on Pope to support fossil fuel divestment

Allow building on green belt land to ease housing crisis, says report

EU votes for more flexibility on GM crops

Sustainable investment 2015 predictions: Simon Howard, UKSIF


15 January headlines

Harvard defies divestment campaigners and invests tens of millions of dollars in fossil fuels

Harvard has newly invested tens of millions of dollars in oil and gas companies, rebuffing campaigners’ demands to sever the wealth university’s ties to the companies that causes climate change. Guardian.

Obama plans methane emissions crackdown

US president Barack Obama unveiled a target of reducing methane emissions from oil and gas production by up to 45% by 2025, as he moves to seal his legacy on climate change. Financial Times.

Shell ditches $6.5bn Qatar project as oil price slump deepens

Royal Dutch Shell and its partner Qatar Petroleum have ditched a $6.5 billion project in the latest sign of the broadening impact of falling oil and gas prices on the hydrocarbons industry. Telegraph.

Labour plots huge wind turbine increase

Thousands more wind turbines will be built in the countryside if Labour wind the next election, the party has secretly promised the industry. The Times.

Rate of sea-level rise ‘steeper’

The rate at which the global oceans have risen in the past two decades is more significant the previously recognised, say US-based scientists. BBC.


Interesting picks

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