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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 13 January headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

300 Stanford professors call for full fossil fuel divestment

Renewable investment up 16% in 2014

Ban Ki-moon calls for action on world challenges to create sustainable future

Campaign group calls on Scottish government to address air pollution

Ecotricity benefits from customer dissatisfaction with ‘big six’


13 January headlines

Eon cuts UK gas prices by 3.5%

Eon has become the first big energy company in the UK to cut fuel tariffs in response to falling global oil prices, announcing an immediate 3.5% reduction in its standard gas price. Financial Times.

North Sea firms predict tax cuts to save oil jobs

North Sea oil and gas explorers have predicted that the chancellor would offer them drastic cuts as they consider mass jobs cuts due to plummeting global prices. Independent.

Sellafield clean-up contract torn up

An industrial consortium that include Britain’s Amec Foster Wheeler is to be fired from a £9 billion contract to clean up the nuclear waste site at Sellafield. The Times.

RSPB Scotland challenges windfarms

A Scottish wildlife charity has lodged a legal challenge against the consent of four major offshore wind farm projects. The charity says the projects could have “serious implications” for wildlife. BBC.


Interesting picks

Why we should print money to fund green investments – Guardian

Viewpoints: How low will petrol prices fall? – BBC

These are the counties most at risk from a climate change ‘apocalyspe’ – Independent

Developing cities hold big key to climate action – Climate Central

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