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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 6 May headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Care homes should focus on energy savings and water management

Oxfam: corporations fuel ‘vicious cycles of inequality’ through tax rules

April carbon dioxide levels above landmark 400ppm threshold for entire month

Index identifies most polluting companies for divestment campaign

New research: fracking won’t ensure greenhouse gas emissions reduction


6 May headlines

UK energy too cheap, says study

The government must urgently establish a strategic authority to oversee the future growth of Britain’s aging energy infrastructure, a study argues. Academics at Newcastle University challenge the government’s market-based approach, saying the £100 billion needed to secure energy security is not being delivered by a fragmented system that lacks central direction. Guardian.

EU proposes shield for 175 industries in carbon market

The European Union’s regulator proposed expanding the list of industries in its emissions markets that should be protected from relocating regions without greenhouse-gas curbs. The proposals would replace the existing regulation that protects 164 industries from so-called carbon leakage through 2014. Bloomberg.

Majority opposes fracking without residents’ approval

Plan to allow fracking companies to drill deep under people’s homes without residents’ permission are opposed by three-quarter of the British public, according to a poll. Just 13% of those questioned backed the move, which is expected in next month’s Queen Speech, while 74% are not in favour. Financial Times.

Aerial pesticide spraying of UK woods to go ahead despite fears over wildlife

Woodland will be sprayed with insecticide from a helicopter for a second time to wipe out a caterpillar that is destroying the UK’s oak trees, despite the government regulator saying in private that such as approach is unlikely to work and could have “serious” effects on other wildlife. Guardian.

Dashwood: Fracking company makes friends with £10,000 gift to Lancashire theatre

Cuadrilla’s charm offensive is in full flow as it prepares to file two planning applications to frack for shale gas on Lancashire’s Flyde coast within the next month. The fracking company has donated £10,000 to the Lowther Pavilion near Blackpool, which is within drilling earshot of Cuadrilla’s proposed Preston New Road exploration site. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

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