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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 7 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

General election 2015: a stark choice for voters in five weeks

Guardian Media Group commits to divesting from fossil fuels

Unilever named most sustainable amongst top food and beverage firms

Plastic accumulating in Mediterranean Sea, says study

Onshore wind could deliver cheapest electricity by 2020


7 April headlines

Law changed so nuclear waste dumps can be forced on local communities

Nuclear waste dumps can be imposed on local communities without their support under a new law rushed through in the final hours of parliament. Guardian.

World’s forests more vulnerable than thought, says Prince Charles

Improved tree-monitoring technologies have revealed some of the world’s mightiest forests are in a more precarious state that thought, according to a report from Prince Charles’ International Sustainability unit. Financial Times.

Natalie Bennett: ‘We have to stop trashing our planet’

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has used the televised leaders’ debate to highlight the issue of climate change and the extinction rate of vertebrate wildlife. BBC.

Great Barrier Reef: new report slams government’s ‘weak’ recovery plan

The federal government’s plan to reverse the decline of the Great Barrier Reef is “weak” and requires greater action in six key areas, including climate change, according to a new report. Guardian.

Many of the vast glaciers in western Canada could almost disappear by they end of the century

Many of the vast glaciers if western Canada could have almost disappeared by the end of the century, according to one of the most detailed studies of how fast mountain glaciers are melting. Independent.


Interesting picks

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