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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 21 May headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

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21 May headlines

Oil and gas fields in UK could become CO2 dumps, say MPs

The UK’s exhausted oil and gas fields in the North Sea could be transformed into a lucrative dump for Europe’s CO2 emissions, MPs say. The Energy and Climate Change Committee says nearby nations could capture the emission from their power station, then transport the CO2 offshore in pipeline. Critics say the idea is fanciful. BBC.

Bond markets join green revolution

The corporate green bond market is forecast to reach $20bn this year, double the size of last year’s issuance, according to Standard & Poor’s. The ratings agency said this reflected how green bonds, earmarked for environmental purposes, were an important source of capital for companies and were also increasingly popular with investors. Financial Times.

Cuadrilla prepares next wave of UK fracking planning applications

The UK’s most high profile shale gas developer, Cuadrilla Resources, has announced that it is poised to submit planning application for exploratory wells at its site in Lancashire, raising the prospect of a summer of protests against the controversial development. Guardian.

BP’s Gulf of Mexico payouts set to pass $9.2bn

Appeals court in New Orleans rules that BP must stick to the compensation deal it signed in 2012. American courts are “funnel[ing] BP’s cash into the pockets of undeserving non-victims”. A senior US judge has claimed, after the British oil giants lost a court battle to overhaul its deal to compensate victims of the Gulf of Mexico disaster. Telegraph.

Tories’ scepticism about climate change melts after winter floods – in their constituencies

Senior Tories have shed their scepticism about climate change after winter floods wreaked havoc on rural constituencies and scientists debunked key sceptic arguments, according to John Gummer, the government’s top independent climate advisor. Independent.


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