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Book review: No Logo – Naomi Klein (2010)



No Logo explores the concept of branding and globalisation. The book is a mix of cultural analysis, political manifesto, mall-rat memoir and journalist expose.

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Author Naomi Klein considers the actions of corporations and their impacts on society, from sweatshops to corporate censorship. In particular the book focuses on Microsoft, Shell and Nike.

The book is divided into four sections – ‘No Space’, ‘No Choice; ‘No Jobs’ and ‘No Logo’. The first looks at the history of brands and agues that in recent years branding has become more important than products. The second section discusses how brands use this power to create a monopoly and influence other sectors.

‘No Jobs’ looks at how manufacturing is moving to foreign countries, where many workers are exploited, and the poor benefits employees receive when in developed countries despite the corporations being successful. The final section looks at campaign movements and protests.

A thought-provoking book, No Logo encourages readers to contemplate how corporations and brands have an influence on the world and their own complicity in this phenomenon.