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Which Industries Get Most Value From Sustainable Branding Strategies?

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More customers are using their dollars to vote for green companies. According to recent polls, 86% of consumers prefer doing business with companies that are committed to sustainability. However, this wide-ranging statistic misses a lot of nuances. Sustainability is more important in some industries than others.

Companies that Need to Make Sustainability a Top Priority

All companies should consider the branding benefits of going green. However, sustainability might be essential to the survival of brands in certain verticals. Here are some companies that need to be particularly concerned about sustainability.

Recreational venues that cater to hipsters and millennials

A number of recreational venues provide an atmosphere for musicians and local artists. Some of these places primarily serve older, more conservative customers. Avenues that host country music singers are a prime example.

On the other hand, a lot of venues also serve younger, more liberal audiences. People attending these events tend to be a lot more concerned about sustainability. You should broadcast any efforts that you have taken to run an eco-friendly business.

 Any business connected to the energy industry

Energy companies have received a tremendous amount of blame for global warming. A lot of this blame is well deserved. These companies have historically been negligent about taking the steps needed to operate more efficiently and reduce their carbon footprint.

Although utility and oil companies have received the bulk of the blame, businesses that work tangentially in the energy sector are also accountable. Any new energy related business must try to differentiate itself from the British Petroleum and Shell companies of the world.

Companies that sell tea

Consumers that purchase tea tend to lean more progressive. This is especially true if they sell loose leaf tea, because they tend to skew younger. Also, climate change is affecting tea, so people need to be more concerned  about protecting it.

Again, this demographic is a lot more concerned about the impact of climate change than older consumers. These companies should show the steps that they have taken to create a sustainable business.

 Building companies in highly liberal areas

Building companies also need to be more careful about promoting sustainability these days. Buildings account for inmate share of the global carbon footprint. Companies that engage in sustainable construction practices and build energy efficient structures will be in high demand as sustainability becomes more important.

Demand for sustainable contractors is going to be high in every part of the country. However, it is even more important in blue states. Residents in these areas tend to be a lot more concerned about sustainability, subcontractors need to live up to their expectations.

What steps can companies take to build a green brand?

Sustainability is especially important in some industries. However, even if a company recognizes the need to create a sustainable brand, that does not mean that it recognizes the steps that it needs to take.

Here are some steps that companies can take two establish themselves as green leaders.

Use promotional materials that highlight their commitment to sustainability

There are a lot of marketing materials that you can use to promote a sustainable brand.  You can use pamphlets that have disclaimer stating that they are made from recycled material. You can also have signs around your business that emphasize your commitment to sustainability.

Some promotional materials are less obvious, but can be particularly helpful. Custom printed magnets are a great example. You can have custom magnets that discuss the most important features of your brand. You can mention that your brand is committed to environmentally friendly business practices. Whenever somebody sees the magnet, they will recognize your company is dedicated to making the world a better place.

Create buildings that are obviously energy-efficient

Being committed to sustainability is not enough. You also need to make sure that customers see your efforts. One of the best ways that you can do this is by using energy-efficient buildings. Certain features of your buildings will be easy to recognize, so customers will realize that you are taking all necessary steps to fight climate change.

Use locally sourced materials

There are a lot of distributors that you can use in your supply chain. Some will be better for the environment than others. You should prioritize local suppliers, because they believe a smaller carbon footprint by transporting materials to your business.

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