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5 Essential Trade Booth Design Tips For Sustainable Brands

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The market for sustainable companies is growing very rapidly. You can see the growth is particularly strong in some industries. Organic food sales were $3.4 billion in 1997, but they grew to be $35 billion in 2014. The markets for eco-friendly fashion and other sustainable products are also heating up.

Eco-friendly companies are looking for a variety of ways to expand their markets. They are looking at trade show marketing in particular, since most of their target customers go to trade shows.

However, there is a learning curve with eco-friendly trade show marketing that they need to be aware of. One of the biggest things that they need to be aware of is the importance of a good trade show design.

Sustainable Brands says this is one of the factors that eco-friendly companies need to get right. A trade show is a phenomenal marketing tool for companies to launch new products into the market and promote all kinds of sustainable businesses. In real honesty, the success of every trade show depends on the allure of the display booth to attract potential consumers and how to sell products to them. The essential aspects of the display booth design, such as the colors and customization, are crucial when seeking booth design from companies like ExpoMarketing. Here are some display booth design tips for eco-friendly businesses to consider.

1. Partner with Sustainable Brands

The companies that you work with are going to play an important role in helping you meet your eco-friendly objectives. You need to find companies that have a track record for sustainability.

2. Use QR Codes and Other Electronic Technology to Minimize Paper Waste

Paper waste is one of the biggest causes of environmental problems. You need to use electronic technology to minimize the amount of paper that you use at the trade show.

3. Customization of your booth for sustainability

The trade booths offer every business and opportunity to market their product as they interact with their consumers. Branding of your display booth will give details on your company, thereby increasing your interaction in trade shows. Expomarketing designs trade booths that have a personal touch, detailed with a brand logo consistent for the whole booth. The goal is for the booth to meet your expectations and increase engagement. The display booths must be impactful at the trade shows events to achieve the target results. You can use these strategies to lower the energy needs of your trade exhibit.

4. Find the right display size to minimize your environmental footprint

The size of your trade show booth is going to play a big role in your carbon footprint. It will be both more economical and better for the environment if you use a booth that is just the right size.

The size of the display booth is critical in achieving success in any trade show. A good display design should be sizable such that it can occupy the space available on the trade shows. Consequently, a good display booth should give space to consumers to view the goods on display and those that are making sales. It is ironical to think that having a large display makes a brand stand out as compared to smaller displays. A good design company should take the size aspects seriously, making a display booth that is accessible easily.

5. Stand out from the rest

To stand out, customization of the display booth has to align with the theme color. People remember the color related to your brand. The color should represent your brand or product. In trade shows, most companies are crowded, and the right color choice will make you stand out. A brighter color, such as bright red, might make people notice you quickly. ExpoMarketing strives to deliver to its customer’s booths that are bold in design to ensure people come to your stand.

6. Lighting option for your display booth

You have to ensure the lighting set up of your trade show booth is good. Proper lighting setup will help to produce the best layout for your business for people to see what you are promoting. Moreover, the colors can be alternated with those reflecting the brand image of your company. There are many lighting options and setup that you can choose from Expomarketing to help decorate your trade show booth.

To achieve the design for your trade show booth, display size, lighting, color, and customization design are essential aspects you cannot overlook. ExpoMarketing is a display booth design company with a personalized and detailed approach in mind. The design capability is unique and offers customized designs unique in any trade show. Our highly experienced experts will help you reach many customers worldwide increasing your sales volume and profit margin.

Make Sustainability the Core Focus of Your Trade Show Design

Trade show marketing is very effective for sustainable companies. There are a lot of ways to design eco-friendly trade show booths.