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6 Critical Help Desk Ticketing System Features For Sustainable Brands

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Many entrepreneurs don’t recognize all of the challenges that they will face as they strive to create a sustainable business. They have an unrealistic expectation about the amount of goodwill that they will earn from customers off the bat for being a green business.

The reality is that many customers do claim to prefer to support green brands. Unfortunately, as Harvard Business Review points out, they don’t always tend to buy them. The problem can be difficult to pin down, but many customers may find that some companies don’t offer quality products or decent customer service.

As a green entrepreneur, you can’t make this mistake. You need a great customer service platform. This can start with a good help desk ticketing system in place to make your green business a success.

Why Eco-Friendly Businesses Need a Good Help Desk System

Customer service is critical to any sustainable business, as the University of Minnesota pointed out. You need to implement the right service model, instead of just relying on a green brand. The following ideas can help.

A good help desk ticketing system is vital to the smooth and straightforward resolution of service issues – whether they relate to customer queries or internal IT requests. In order to choose your perfect product, you first need to find out what makes a good ticketing system. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main features to look out for during your search.

Ease of Use

All help desk ticketing solutions for eco-friendly businesses should be highly intuitive to use. The problem-solving should be reserved for the subjects of the tickets themselves, not the steps involved in managing them. Every process should be clearly signposted and logically set out, and the system’s navigation should make sense to someone with a very basic level of computer literacy.


You need your ticketing system found here that can adapt to your requirements. Is the ticket in question assigned to just one employee due to their particular specialisms?

If so, you should be able to lock the ticket to prevent others from attempting their own fixes and duplicating efforts or confusing matters. This can be crucial for any sustainable organization. Are you able to priorities cases by urgency? Can tickets be updated from a variety of channels (for example, will communications received by chatbot, online form and email be taken into account)? Will updates be added when a customer attempts a self-service option? These options may not all be relevant – but you need a system that includes each one that is.

Clear Notifications

Will the tool notify the right people – and only the right people – when developments occur regarding particular cases? There’s little worse than spending precious time rigorously seeking a fix for a pressing issue only to return to the service portal and find out that the matter was solved just after you began.

Relevant Reporting

The reports generated by the system should be easy to decipher and contain relevant data that will help to improve operations. For example, how long does the average ticket take to be resolved and what stage of the process tends to take the longest? Knowing this will help you to speed matters up.

Good Access Management

Who can access the ticketing system, and what information will they be able to see? For security and data protection, it’s best that members of your management team are able to give and remove access permissions to staff members as and when required.

Straightforward Tracking

All tickets raised should be easy to track. Every action undertaken by employees working on a case should be clearly displayed on the relevant ticket (to those who have the right access permissions). You need to be able to see what was done, when, why and by whom at all times. This will enable you to see what solutions have already been attempted to prevent the same thing being tried over and over again. If there have been multiple tickets connected with the same account for the same issue, clear tracking will help you to determine what keeps going wrong. Tracking will also help you in any investigations further down the line – if, for example, a customer has a complaint about the level of service they received.

Help Desk Tickets Are Critical for Sustainable Businesses

Sustainable businesses need to implement the right customer service models. This can entail a great Help Desk system. The ideas listed above can be invaluable for eco-friendly businesses.

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