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Why Choosing The Right SEO For Eco-Friendly Businesses Is Important

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Eco-friendly businesses have a strong edge in the market. Roughly a third of customers will give priority to brands offering eco-friendly products. The problem is that new green companies have difficulty getting their name out.

Search engine marketing is essential for green companies. It can be a dual-benefit as Huffington Post pointed out in their article “Good the Environment Good for SEO?” which is quoted below:

“An eco-friendly business model is not just good for environment- going green can also give your digital marketing a boost, too… Just ask Reimer Ivang with Better World Fashion, an innovative startup creating sustainable leather jackets. After Better World Fashion “greened” their SEO strategy, they noticed a real jump in their Google rankings as well as an increase in visitor on-page time.”

Having a good environmental presence can benefit your SEO by helping you attract backlinks. However, you need a good SEO strategy to begin with so people can find your brand before earning those organic links. It is like the chicken and the egg dilemma.

Choosing an SEO Solution as a Green Company

A lot of green businesses are aware of the concept of SEO, along with its significance. However, their knowledge is only limited to keyword-based content creation based on the most searched topics. To be very frank, that task is arduous as well as ineffective. Major corporations have a decisive advantage over new green companies if the keyword is your only concern as they have a much larger number of backlinks and content updates.

It is also essential that the SEO practices are modified and evolved with time. Most green businesses fail to follow through with their SEO practices. After all, eco-friendly businesses tend to be newer and less experienced business people usually make the decisions. It would give you a great edge if you know how to manage your SEO well.

Modern SEO Strategy:

A good SEO strategy for any green business involves organizing a website’s content based on its topic. Based on this, Google can cater better to searcher’s needs and subsequently improve the websites ranking.

These are the steps to implement a robust digital approach for the best SEO strategy that meets current standards and algorithms used by Google.

Set Realistic Expectations and Find Optimum based on Data

Keywords targeting can pose two great challenges. It could either be highly competitive, or it could be not searched at all. You need to take help of professional analytical tools like SEMrush to better understand the situation and choose keywords accordingly.

Setting realistic expectations is also important. It is ridiculous to expect a top ranking with a keyword of 2,000 searches a month if you can’t make it to the top 30 with a 1,000 searches a month keyword. On the other hand, depending on what you sell you could get a top rank even with 50 searches a month.

Also, it is smarter to push the overall ranking of all your pages, rather than aiming for the top rank with just a single page. You can even go through digital marketing blogs to learn to carry out digital marketing for your business.

Optimize SEO Page Title

Most green companies include their name in the SEO title space. While that may be a good way to reinforce branding, it could take up precious space of your title. It is alright if your brand has a name of four to five characters. Including anything longer than that might not be a good idea. Replace your company name with more relevant keywords and make sure they appear at the beginning of the title. This ensures that the search engine does not slice off the part of the title containing the keyword while matching with user search queries.

If you are targeting green keywords, you need to list them in the titles of those pages. You will get more targeted traffic by using terms like “eco-friendly sneakers” or “green web design” instead of the generic versions of those keywords.

Other Options Supporting Keywords

Create new content. It has a lot of advantages as it allows you to incorporate modern elements of SEO on your web page such as image captions, content headers, images etc.

Certain variables have more importance in the field of SEO than others. Content and inbound links trump everything else. However, it is best not to downplay the role of other factors such as:

  • HTTPS encryption
  • Voice search
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Page load speed

You could also set up a blog. Blogs provide an incredible chance to increase keyword ranking. It also helps engage lots of users. Include long-tail keywords in your posts but don’t go overboard. Too many instances of keyword matches can lead your site to be demoted on account of keyword stuffing.

Also, increase your frequency of posting. Weekly blog posts increase website authority and also caters to the needs of your audience. The posts don’t necessarily have to be keyword related. It could consist of posts you feel your users might be interested in knowing.

Brainstorm link-building Options

Link building is a critical component of SEO if you want to grow your web traffic. There are many different ways to construct links. The top five approaches to link building that gain you the results you want include relationship link building, guest posting, broken link building, press mentions, and link reclamation. Link-building refers to the steps taken to increase the number of backlinks to your sites from other sources on the internet. It could be achieved through a number of ways. You could start small and exchange links with local businesses or appear as a guest blogger in a contemporary blog. It is also recommended that you share your site on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. These increase your chances getting featured on the pages of an industry influencer or a behemoth presence on the net. The good news is that building links is easier for green companies, because so many publishers want to work with eco-friendly brands.

SEO is vital if your business is not particularly large. Hence, the more SEO practices you’ve got nailed, the better it is for you. Good Luck!

SEO is Vital to Green Businesses

Building your reputation as a green business is essential. Having a strong SEO strategy in place will make it a lot easier.

Andrej is also a dedicated writer and digital evangelist. He is pursuing an ongoing mission to share the benefits of his years of hard-won expertise with green business leaders and sustainable professionals everywhere.