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6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hacks To Swear By For A Tidy Home

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There are a lot of changes that you need to make if you are trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. One thing that you will need to do is find less toxic and lower carbon footprint cleaning tips. Fortunately, there are a lot of eco-friendly cleaning tips that you can follow.

Tidying Your Home in the Most Eco-Friendly Way

Clean, organized and clutter-free interiors can lift your mood instantly. A well-organized living space makes you calmer, happier, and less stressed. Cleanliness also invites some good vibes in your home. 

Unfortunately, some people fear that they can’t have a clean home while also trying to live a green lifestyle. This is partially because there are so many toxins in most modern cleaning products that it seems like it is impossible to clean your home without harming the environment.

Juggling between work and home cleaning is a little stressful. Thanks to some excellent cleaning tools, you can now clean your home quickly without putting in a lot of manual effort or harming the planet. The cleaning tools and equipment such as mops, dustpan, broom, vacuum cleaner, and others have made the task of cleaning a cakewalk. This is the same for sanitizing your home, you can read this article to learn more about the benefits of eco-friendly disinfection services for your home.

We have curated a list of some tips and tricks to help you maintain neat and clean-living space.

Mini-vacuum sessions:

Vacuuming high-traffic areas a couple of times a week prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust. You can carry out a mini-vacuum session everywhere in your home to maintain its cleanliness in the long run. Reach out to the areas such as the entryway, hallway, carpet, etc., for the perfect home cleaning as they are high-traffic zones of your home.

This can be better for the planet than spending longer periods of time vacuuming, because you don’t run the risk of overheating your vacuum and needing to replace it (it takes a lot of raw materials to create a vacuum, after all). Also, if you are more strategic about cleaning parts of the property that fewer people will use the most, then you will avoid wasting energy and leaving a higher carbon footprint cleaning unnoticed parts of the home. Finally, you won’t have to make the vacuum work as hard if you clean regularly, which also reduces energy use and your carbon footprint.

Daily mopping:

A clean and sparkling floor garners the attention of your visitors and says a lot about how you look after your home. Mop the floor daily to wipe all the dust, dirt, food particles, and grime. They are a lot eco-friendlier than electric cleaning products, because you obviously don’t need to use electricity to use a mop.

You can use a standing spin mop by Vileda and perform a quick mopping. This brand includes an extensive range of cleaning tools and products. Do not forget to mop your deck too.

Cleaning the bathroom sinks:

Bathroom sinks are prone to grime, dirt, and other external elements. Thus, make it a point to clean the sinks regularly. You can use a bathroom scrubber and liquid soap to wash the sinks. We also suggest keeping disinfectant wipes under your sink. Wipe the countertop and inside the sink every morning and also before bed.

There are a lot of eco-friendly disinfectants that you can use. You should use them if you want to avoid harming the planet. Mother Earth News also has some other tips on eco-friendly sink maintenance.

Keeping your kitchen clean:

Waking up to a clean kitchen is one of the best feelings in the world. Imagine being greeted by a pile of used dishes as you enter your kitchen in the morning. Annoying, right? You can avoid this situation by cleaning your kitchen at night before going to bed.

Do the dishes yourself or use a dishwasher. Clean the kitchen countertop. Put all the leftover food in the fridge, and you are done. Tidying up every night also cuts down your time and effort.

Again, there are also a lot of environmentally friendly kitchen cleaning tools. You can use an eco-friendly dishwasher with an EnergyStar rating.

Doing one load of laundry per day:

Doing one load of laundry per day can save you from the hassle of dealing with a big pile of clothes altogether. When you get in the habit of washing one load each day, it saves you from the snowball effect of dealing with the chores later.

Disinfecting your home:

It is an essential habit to disinfect, especially if you have pets at home. Disinfect your home at least once a month to keep all the moulds, germs, pet dander, and allergens at bay. You should also follow up on this habit if you have little ones at home.

For this purpose, you can call for a professional service and get the task done. A home, when disinfected, makes the ambience cleaner and safer for one and all.

Again, you should use eco-friendly disinfectants. You can also make your own non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products at home. We shared some tips before here.

Clean Your Home Easily with Eco-Friendly Practices!

If you stick to these habits, nothing can stop you from maintaining a clean and dirt-free home without harming the environment. While some of these tasks are to be done daily, others can be planned once a month or even a week. In either case, following these tips remains a must.


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