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6 Eco-friendly Things to do in “Mumbai” the City of Dreams

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The sustainable tourism industry is booming these days. Allied Market Research reports that global spending on sustainable tourism will reach $11.4 trillion by 2032. This is a sign that a growing number of people are concerned about eco-friendly tourism.

Mumbai is surprisingly becoming a very popular tourist destination for green travelers. Saurabh Singh is an expert in India that specializes in helping businesses and governments adapt better clean air solutions. He talked about some of the measures that Mumbai is taking to embrace sustainability.

As Mumbai is taking the steps to become a greener city, a growing number of eco-tourists are visiting the city. Eco-tourists are also visiting other parts of India for similar reasons. One of the ways that green tourists can support the city is by taking part in the eco-friendly activities it fosters.

Ways Green Travelers Can Enjoy Visiting Mumbai

Mumbai is popular for its charm & fascinating vibe. The city is itself a mystery to its visitors. Do you want to catch the rhythm blended with the city noise & thousands of dreams? Here, we are curating the 7 things to do when you book a Chennai to Mumbai flight.

Things you can do when you are in Mumbai

●     Enjoy the vibe of Marine Drive at night

You can’t enjoy & feel that Mumbai vibe until you discover the Marine Drive! It is the best place where you can sit & stare at the moon & stars when the waves splash on you! You can enjoy the best view of Marine Drive at night. It is popular because of its sparkling vibe and delicious street foods. Try famous Malai Kulfi, pizza, chaat, and Vadapav with a cup of tea and enjoy.

●     Enjoy the taste of pav bhaji & Bhelpuri

Mumbai is the best place where you can taste Bhelpuri and Pavbhaji in Juhu. You can experience the chowpatty, where multiple street foods are available. It looks like the food carnival of Mumbai especially when you visit in the evening. To taste the delicacy of Pavbhaji, visit the Bandra seafront. You can also taste some local cuisines.

●     Take a ride to Bollywood lives

Are you a Bollywood lover? If yes, book a ride and go for the Bollywood tour. Ask the cab driver to drive you around the homes of multiple film stars like Mannat, Jalsa and many more. If you are lucky, you can see the Bollywood actors standing on the balcony & waving to their fans. You can also ask them for autographs and pictures and can get them if you are lucky enough.

●     Visit Haji Ali

Have you witnessed the charm & experience of Haji Ali? The place is popular for the tomb of popular Muslim Saint Haji Ali. Different people have different faiths related to this. This is the 15th-century structure which is built on the tiny island. If you are lucky enough, you can witness the qawwali singers’ performance. This place has a crowd in the evening to witness the performance.

●     Visit Café Leopold

This is a popular yet Iconic café that has been around since 1871. If you want to enjoy the endless talks and capture memories, this is the best place to visit. If you want to spend a well-spent evening, then enjoy dinner in the nearby hotel. You can also look around for the budget hotels near this location.

●     Bombay Heritage Walk

This is a great way to familiarize yourself with Bombay’s past life. Here, you can witness the oldest & most iconic buildings of Mumbai, like the Bombay Stock Exchange, Bombay House and famous Irani restaurants and other cafes.


Apart from all the above-discussed places, you can explore some more eco-friendly places like Britannia & Co for Parsi food, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Taj Mahal Palace etc. So, book your trip to Mumbai on the flight now! You should also check out our guidelines on eco-tourism to make the most of the trip while preserving the planet in the process.


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