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Eco-Friendly Tips to Bear in Mind When Dealing with a Scrap Car Dealer

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We have talked a lot about the most sustainable cars on the market. However, eco-friendly customers must also know what to do with older cars they are getting rid of.

If you’re thinking about scrapping your old car, there are some pointers to bear in mind before you begin the process. You may not be thinking much about the environmental impact yet, but you probably should. You can have a large environmental footprint if you aren’t being careful with the cars that you are recycling.

It is important for eco-friendly consumers to do their due diligence when working with a scrap dealer. This can have a large impact on both their wallet and the environment.

Consider the Environment When Working with Scrap Car Dealers

The scrapping industry has been subjected to heavy regulation, and as such, you should always ensure that the scrap car company isn’t charging you outrageous fees or giving you a poor valuation for your scrap vehicle if you wish to sell your car for scrap.

You also have to consider the environmental consequences. You need to know the following:

  • How the dealer will dispose of the car, so you can understand the environmental impact.
  • The type of parts in your car, so you know what portion are recyclable.
  • The type of vehicle the new parts will be used for, so you can know the carbon footprint of the next generation of vehicles.

Older articles talked about the environmental impact of scrapping cars, but these factors have changed as newer vehicles with modern parts reach the market.

The Scrap Car Dealers Act stipulates that it’s against the law to dispose of scrap vehicles in cash in the United Kingdom, so never go into business with somebody who’s trying to sell in cash. Most individuals usually throw away their scrap vehicles when they need costly repairs or when they break down; if you can’t locate a buyer, many companies will sell off your car for scrap metal instead. When a company wants to sell off your scrap vehicle, they will check if the vehicle can be sold at a reasonable price, what it is worth, and whether the vehicle has got any mechanical issues or has been damaged in any way.

In most scenarios, you’ll be given a price estimate for your scrap vehicle based on its state. The more value your car has, the higher the price for the vehicle will be. Make it a point to do a comprehensive car inspection before accepting it, so that you can ascertain whether it is in a good condition or not.

The majority of scrap metal can be sold on, but if it’s too dirty or small, then chances are that it will attract a decreased price than it would if it were new. You should ensure that the car has been meticulously cleaned and inspected for any signs of dents or rust since they can be extremely pricey to repair. You should also check the undercarriage, which is often where most small pieces of metal fall, and check whether there’s anything that needs to get replaced. If your car has been parked outside, then it’s likely that it’s dirty.

You should also inspect your car’s vehicle before you accept it at the scrapyard to make sure that it has been maintained properly and is still operating well. If the car has an engine that’s not running anymore, then the valuation will be less compared to if it was in good condition.  Have your engine fitted if you don’t want to wait for it to get repaired. If your scrap metal trader has recommended that you take your car to an auto body shop, you will come to realize that it is way inexpensive to take it yourself, because the work done will be more cost-effective.

The majority of scrap yards are receptive to sell cars that have been entirely dismantled, so before you take your car to the garage to get dismantled, you should make sure that you take out everything from the vehicle. You should also inspect if the vehicle has an MOT certificate on it. If the car has an MOT certificate, then it’s almost certain that the car won’t be accepted to get scrapped.

You should also make sure that all the doors and windows are shut and the battery drained before you depart the scrap yard. If you plan on leaving your car outside, you shouldn’t leave it for days without locking it up or securing it until it has been sold.

Ensure that you take out all accessories from your vehicle before leaving it at the scrapyard, including boot, hood, seats, and roof, and make sure that the vehicle is as clean as possible before it is sold. Also, note down all the license plates, stickers, registration numbers, and registration details, as well as take note of the registration and VIN numbers for every wheel and engine of the vehicle you intend on taking.

Look for Eco-friendly Ways to Scrap Your Cars

It is true that newer cars are eco-friendlier. However, it is still important to do your due diligence when disposing of them. The aforementioned tips should help.