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Help the Planet with Adjustable Height Desks When Working from Home

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We have pointed out that working from home can help lower your carbon footprint. We believe this is a good way to help the planet.

Some experts disagree that it is best for the planet overall. They have a valid point that working from home may not have a net benefit for the planet in all instances when considering various factors such as heating and lights at home. One study cited in Harvard Business Review made this point last spring.

However, there are plenty of situations when working from home can be a net positive for the planet. These scenarios include:

  • You would otherwise have to commute a long way to work, which would have a large carbon footprint.
  • You are sharing a home with a spouse, adult children or roommates that are also working from home. The average carbon footprint for all of you will be lower for all of you than it would be if you were working offsite, unless of course you would otherwise be carpooling to reduce gas usage.
  • You are able to use renewable energy at home and have an energy efficient property.

The truth is that there are a lot of great reasons to work from home to lower your carbon footprint. However, you have to make sure that you don’t compromise your comfort in the process. One of the important things that you need to do is make sure that you use a comfortable, eco-friendly, adjustable desk.

Eco-Friendly Homeowners Should Use Sustainable Adjustable Desks When Working from Home

Desks can be an important part of any indoor space, whether it is your home office or a gaming space. However, many people overlook the simple versatility of an adjustable desk. Being able to customize the height is not just a convenience feature but something that can have a lot of practical value when it comes to how you use the desk.

These types of desks can be great for eco-friendly consumers working from home. You can still lower your carbon footprint without having to be uncomfortable in the process.

But why should you use an adjustable desk when you could just get a regular one? It all depends on how you want to use it and the fact that many people do not realize how useful an adjustable desk can be. You also have to make sure that you choose an adjustable desk that is eco-friendly.


When you are working, studying, or gaming at home, your desk is the area in which you spend most of your time during both the day and at night. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want your desk to be as comfortable as possible. That is where adjustable desks are so convenient.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose an uncomfortable adjustable desk if you want to protect the planet. Adjustable desks can be made from aluminum, bamboo and many other sustainable materials that are reasonably comfortable to use.

If you do not feel that comfortable, then you can simply adjust the desk to match your preferred height. Maybe you want to stand for a while or sit a little lower than normal. In some cases, you might even be able to adjust the desk to work with a non-standard chair, such as a beanbag chair.

Having control over the height of your desk means that you can work in comfort for a longer period of time or simply change the way you are using your desk to suit your preferences. Regular desks have a lot more limitations, and very few are even adjustable in any real capacity at all.


Adjustable desks are very convenient. It is very easy to adjust the height of the desk to how you want to use it, whether that is out of personal preference or because it makes a certain activity or task easier. You can choose to have it raised as tall or as low as you like within the desk’s adjustment limits, all without having to get a different desk.

This can make them great for multi-functional spaces where one desk would have to serve multiple roles. For example, you might not want to get a rigid single-height desk if you use your home office as a hobby space, gaming area, and a place to relax after work.

Not only does this remove the problem of desks being too cramped to use comfortably, but it also means that you can raise the desk up higher if you need to reach something underneath it. Whether you are using it for a complex computer setup or just a place to study, this kind of convenience can be a great selling point.

Remember that there are a lot of different desks to choose from, too. An electric standing desk can be a good way to improve a space without changing anything but the desk, giving you a great new comfort tool and allowing you to make on-the-fly adjustments to your desk height with minimal effort. This might be a small change, but it can make a big difference.


You can also find a number of adjustable desks that are still eco-friendly. They are made with bamboo, aluminum and a variety of other eco-friendly materials.

The Good Trade has a list of great adjustable desks made with bamboo. You can also find a number of great desks that are made with recycled aluminum as well.

Adjustable Desks Can Make it Easier to Lower Your Carbon Footprint When Working from Home

As we stated before, employers can help workers lower their carbon footprint by shifting to work from home policies. However, you still need to take the right steps to make yourself comfortable in the process. Purchasing a great adjustable desk can help.

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