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Eco-Living Experts On Importance Of Leaving Shoes Outside Your House

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There are many lifestyle choices that people need to make as they strive to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. One overlooked discussion is the importance of leaving your shoes outside your home.

There are a number of benefits of this that many people don’t acknowledge. If you want to live a truly sustainable lifestyle, then it is something to seriously consider.

Why Sustainability Experts Discuss the Importance of Leaving Your Shoes Outside Your Home

In many cultures, there is a tradition of removing one’s shoes in the home or places like churches, temples, and schools. However, not all cultures have that kind of tradition, especially if we are talking about the western part of the world. However, this is not a matter of culture anymore and we cannot debate about it.

You shouldn’t wear shoes in the house because you may be carrying germs into your living space and it is not rude to ask your guest to take off their shoes. Not anymore at least. Research has found that shoes can be a serious carrier for microbes like E-coli viruses and bacteria, and those germs are always on the outside of your shoes. People spit and sneeze on the streets and sidewalks, pets urinate and defecate on them, and you can’t fly over those germs.

Face Masks, Protective Glasses, Thorough Hand-Washing and Shoes

COVID19 is a very dangerous virus. It is one of the most resilient viruses and it is causing the lockdown of the entire world. From thorough hand-washing to updated guidelines for wearing face-masks, experts are constantly updating their lists of precautions that could be taken to put this thing under control. 

Experts state that there is very little chance that COVID-19 can live on shoes and clothes. However, the possibility does exist. Even if the risk is small, it is not worth the chance.

Around the world, nations are carrying out sanitation operations for the coronavirus emergency. Agents of sanitary departments have been cleaning streets and alleys of every major city of the world, but people somehow still think that wearing shoes inside is safe. The problem with humans is that old habits die hard.

Is it Rude to Ask Your Guests to Remove Their Shoes in Your Home?

Someone might consider it offensive or annoying if you decide to ask your guests to take off their shoes. Some people don’t like taking off their shoes, some have some kind of foot issues, and some simply don’t think that there is a real reason for that. But, it’s your home and you make the rules. If your guests respect you it shouldn’t be a problem for them to take off their shoes. 

And now we have another reason for that – a virus that lives on the soles of footwear for days and can be picked up in places where a lot of people have walked (public transport, shopping centers, offices, parks, sidewalks, etc. And not just this novel virus, everything that is floating around the air eventually settles down inside your home and on your carpets. You can clean your carpets on your own, but you should hire someone who can help with deep carpet cleaning, just to make sure you kill all the “unwanted guests”.

Shoes are a Home for Bacteria

You don’t have to be a scientist to come to this conclusion. Shoes can pick up organisms that wreak havoc on your body. Think 400,000+ bacteria per shoe. For example, E. coli, a strain that is known to cause terrible gastrointestinal distress. Your shoes can also pick up soil and plant matter which can help all those viruses and other microscopic critters thrive between the treads of your carpets.


If you walk through some grass the chances are you picked up some lawn fertilizer and/or week killer. On the other hand, if you walk over a street there are traces of gasoline and antifreeze on your shoes too! You don’t want these chemicals in your home, do you?

Less Time Wasted on Cleaning

Less dirt means less cleaning which means you can use that time for something more creative or relaxing. People usually don’t think about the consequences. While researching this topic I had to read hundreds of different opinions. I found hundreds of people for taking off shoes and against this idea. But, would you let your child crawl on a sidewalk!? I mean, my son spends a lot of time on the floor. He changes clothes on the floor, plays with his toys, and on top of all the searches for snacks and manages to eat some before we catch him. That is why you should respect your hosts and take off your shoes at the front door.

Shoes are Bad for Your Floors

Shoes can do a lot of damage on your floor. The biggest issues with shoes are pebbles and dirt stuck in them and they can scratch your floors. And of course, when it is raining or snowing the water and salt (from the roads) can do even more damage.

For the most part, the microorganisms live on the outside of your shoes. A study found that the outside of shoes carries more than 140 times as much bacteria as the inside. To ensure that your home is free of bacteria and viruses, you should establish a routine to keep your living space clean. This includes taking your (and your guest’s) shoes off at your front door.

Savvy Sustainability Experts Warn Against Wearing Shoes Indoors

You need to be cautious when trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the things that you should do is make sure that you don’t wear your shoes inside. This isn’t just important for the environment – it can save your health as well!

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