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Film review: Home (2009)



Yann Arthus-Bertand’s Home takes viewers on a journey above 50 countries in order to provide a new way of looking at the world and the impact humans are having on it.

The film is composed almost entirely of stunning aerial shots providing context for the diversity of life on Earth and the damage we are causing. The unique perspective emphasises the extent of change whilst giving a narrative about the history of our planet.

Narrated by actor Glenn Close, Home covers the major themes of sustainability and clearly shows how actions and consequences are interconnected across the globe. As a result, the film is thought-provoking in terms of how human damage is placing stress on the planet and what implications this could have.

The content conveys the imminent dangers and shows how close we are to the tipping point when the damage will become irreversible.

Close’s narration is easy to understand and follow throughout the film. The informative, factual and analytical content inspires action and leaves viewers with food for thought. The blend of beautiful aerial photography, facts and though-provoking nature make Home a must view for anyone that cares about our environment.

Because Arthus-Bertand’s film is a non-profit venture, it is free to view on YouTube.


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