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What Makes Automatic Pool Cleaners Energy Efficient

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Having a swimming pool in your home doubles your energy consumption. Fortunately, you can lower your energy costs with the help of robotic vacuums. These automatic pool cleaners can not only reduce your utility bills every month but present a lot of other benefits as well.

The smart home gadget transformed the cleaning industry. If you’re a pool owner, you’d love to have a cleaner that you can automatically set to clean your pool even when you’re away. Not only will a robot pool cleaner provide autonomy, but it can leave your swimming pool spotless and sparklingly clean – read more on

Here are some reasons why you should upgrade to a robot pool vacuum today:

Save As Much As 83% On Your Electric Bills

The latest generation of robot pool cleaners utilize a number of resources applied by other systems of pool cleaning by a fraction. Thus, they will not only save you time but money as well.  They are also a greener alternative. According to independent studies conducted by electric companies, robotic vacuums use 83% less power than your traditional pool cleaner.


These robots will not rely on your pool’s pump, booster pump, or filter to produce power. You plug them directly into one of the standard electric outlets you have. Also, they come with their own filtration for catching debris, as well as a built-in canister. So, imagine the savings you’ll get every month! Please note that your pump or filter should still run regularly so that your pool water will circulate. You can turn it off when your robot cleaner is in action.

Save Chemicals And Water

You don’t need to backwash the filtration system of your swimming pool as much, so you will use fewer chemicals. Aside from filter, these robotic pool vacuums like have their own motor running entirely independently of your pool’s pump and main filtration system. This means that the water is finely filtered while it’s cleaning your pool.


The average wattage of these automatic pool cleaners is 180W. Your regular booster pump powered by hydraulic cleaners need more than 1,000W or 1kWH to run. That’s a massive 820W or 82% less power consumption.

Covers The Entire Pool Surface

The bots can map out the surface of your pool. Most models feature a smart system for scanning. Hence, they have the skill to navigate your pool area and provide 100% coverage. They will not get stuck and lost in corners as well, thanks to their reverse and forward motors.


A robot pool cleaner usually comes with a setting for programming your preferred cleaning schedules. There are even those very smart bots that have the ability to calculate your pool size and automatically program themselves to minimize the running time and for the most effective cleaning patterns.

Low Flow

You’ll achieve high energy savings since they use low-voltage to run, allowing the filter system to operate at its lowest flow possible for the longest time. It’s particularly helpful if your pool runs on a dual or variable speed pump.

Better Circulation

Your pool water circulation will improve compared to using a suction-side or pressure cleaner, which will also help save on your chemical usage.

Maintenance Tips On How To Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

Poor pool maintenance can hurt your pockets in the long run. However, with proper measures and upkeep, you can reduce the maintenance costs and energy consumption of your swimming pool.

  • Trade your traditional pool cleaner to a robot like the Polaris® uses less energy and can reduce chemical use.
  • Invest in a high-quality poor cover that can save energy by as much as 50%. It can also help prevent water and pool chemicals from evaporating. Additionally, your pool will remain clean of twigs, insects, leaves, and other dirt and debris.
  • Check and ensure your filtration system is working efficiently. Having a lousy filter means it may take you a lot longer to clean to get the best results. Repair or replace your pool filter if it’s faulty.
  • Consider running the pump on shorter periods. Also, run your pool pump during the day since you may forget to turn it off if running it by night – read more on toolsreviewss.
  • Track the water temperatures of your pool during heating as leaving it to overheat will lead to losing a lot of energy.
  • Buy pool equipment only from credible dealers to ensure they’re not substandard.

Robotic Pool Cleaners Are the Key to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Lowering Energy Bills

Keeping your recreational area beautiful and attractive without shelling out your budget every time is possible. You can make your pool energy-efficient, clean, and safe for the entire family to swim in with the help of a robotic pool cleaner. Not only will it cut down your monthly utility bills, but you’ll also help protect the environment by conserving power.


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