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Green Entrepreneurs Must Embrace Radical Strategies To Scale Growth

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Harvard Business Review recently talked about the paradox of green consumers. The article highlighted a survey showing that 65% of consumers claim that they want to support companies that advocate for sustainability. At a first glance, this sounds like a great opportunity for green entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, the reality is bleaker. Only 26% of consumers actually follow through and purchase green products. This means that green businesses are actually struggling to compete with companies that push a less sustainable mission.

This puts green businesses in a delicate position. They need to focus on reaching the customers that will actually put their money where their mouth is. Fortunately, there are some great ideas for green businesses to scale.

Scaling Marketing Strategies is Critical for Green Businesses

People who care about the well-being of the environment tend to care about it a lot. These folks already take steps to recycle, reduce their carbon footprint, and use green measures in their everyday lives. The problem, unfortunately, is that there are too few people like dedicated environmentalists.

The sad reality is that environmental organizations have, thus far, not been able to connect with huge segments of the population. Yet, it’s crucial for everyone to do what they can to protect the environment. With all that in mind, today we’ll explain how eco-friendly organizations can expand their reach and connect with new fans.

Go to New Places

One problem that environmentalists face is the struggle to reach people who don’t pay attention to climate change news. As such, it’s imperative for green businesses and charities to branch out and to expand their marketing and advertising efforts to new places. These might include physical locations, or social media platforms or digital forums. If you want to reach new audiences, it stands to reason that you have to go to them first.

Partner Up

One key to new audience development is partnering with the right people. For example, large organizations may have the budget and the resources to team up with celebrities or other high-quality influencers to help them spread their message to a larger demographic. Yet, even smaller groups can reach out to local leaders for support and guidance.

There are a lot of green influencers that can help. We Are Social wrote a great blog post about the influence of social media on green consumerism. Green businesses that tap green influencers can truly stand out.

Get Creative

For better or worse, green organizations now need to entertain as well as inform through their content. This means that videos, blogs, and social media messages that you post should be compelling as well as educational. Don’t be afraid to inject a little humor or intrigue into a post. Additionally, sharing personal experience stories can resonate with the right audience when implemented correctly.

Bring it Home

Often, environmental topics are discussed in practically abstract terms. Yet, plenty of people don’t understand the importance of rising sea levels or increased carbon emissions. In such situations, environmentalists have to work to illustrate the threat of climate change in a tangible way for their audience. Let them know how their own community may one day be affected, as well as what they can do to make positive changes.

A Sound Green Business Outreach Strategy Requires Effort

Make no mistake, the green revolution is on the way. Still, it’s important to always end with a positive and inclusive message –– particularly when you’re looking to increase awareness. Something as simple as a smile or a kind word can resonate in ways few people realize.


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