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We take a look at the books we have reviewed that cover a range of sustainability issues, opinions, experiences and solutions.

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1. Capital in the Twenty-First Century – Thomas Piketty (2014)Capital in the Twenty-First Centurytakes a comprehensive look at wealth and income inequality, investigating how it has changed since the 18th century. Read more.

2. Taking Responsibility for Tourism – Harold Goodwin (2011)Taking Responsibility for Tourism, Harold Goodwin’s 2011 book, is an engaging and interesting read. In the context of a rapidly growing and increasingly wealthy global population, its messages are important for us all. Read more.

3. People Over Capital: The Co-operative Alternative to Capitalism (2013)People Over Capital, from the magazines Ethical Consumer and New Internationalist, is a collection of essays looking at the co-operative model and its benefits. Read more.

4. This Changes Everything – Naomi Klein (2014) – This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, from the international bestselling author Naomi Klein, argues that global warming is not about carbon but about capitalism, because a focus on growth and profit is exacerbating the problem. Read more.

5. Economics of Climate Change – Nicholas Stern (2007)Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review takes a comprehensive look at the economics of climate change and seeks to give the understanding needed to underpin an effective global response to the challenge. Read more.

6. Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles – Harriet Lamb (2009) – Harriet Lamb, director of the Fairtrade Foundation, looks at the fairtrade revolution, explains why it is important and what impact it can have around the world in Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles. Read more.

7. Globalisation and Its Discontents – Joseph Stiglitz (2003) – Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz looks at the consequences of economic policy and offers up solutions inGlobalisation and Its DiscontentsRead more.

8. A New Blueprint for a Green Economy (2013) – A New Blueprint for a Green Economy, by Edward Barbier and Anil Markandya, builds on work published in 1989, which suggested practical policy measures for making economies greener and creating a path for sustainable development. Read more.

9. A Life Stripped Bare: My Year Trying to Live Ethically – Leo Hickman (2006) – A Life Stripped Bare is a humourous account of one man’s journey to live ethically over the course of a year. Read more.

10. The Dream of the Earth – Thomas Berry (2006)The Dream of the Earth was first published in 1988 and since then has come to be considered as a foundational volume in ecological thought. Read more.

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