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Looking back at… ethical retailers 2



More and more people are considering where they shop and the implications of their choices, from how companies impact the environment to how they treat employees, here we profile some ethical shopping options.

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1. Meridian Foods – Meridian Foods produces seeds and nuts spreads, sauces and oils, which are vegetarian, free from trans-fats, additives or preservatives and mostly organic. Read more.

2. Just Trade – Just Trade offers Fairtrade jewellery made by artists from developing countries and trains them to design and shape jewels in a co-operative way. Read more.

3. Komodo – Fashion brand Komodo has sustainability and fair trade at the heart of its business. It is considered one of the pioneers of ethical fashion. Read more.

4. Evolution – Evolution sells a wide range of goods, from furniture to accessorises, and has a strong focus on ethics and values. Read more.

5. Albert Bartlett – Albert Bartlett is a family firm that has been growing potatoes for over 60 years and has a strong record in sustainability and ethical business practices. Read more.

6. Clipper Teas – Clipper Teas produces award-winning tea that is ethical and organic since the company entered the business 30 years ago. Read more.

7. Nkuku – Nkuku is a fairtrade and ethical company producing stylish and original gifts, accessorises, home and kitchen wares, following socially responsible principles. Read more.

8. Bambu – Bambu makes kitchen and home products from sustainably-sourced and ecological materials that are both originally designed and kind to the planet. Read more.

9. Lush – Lush produces fresh handmade cosmetics, with little or no packaging, and follows ethical principles that defend the environment, people and animals. Read more.

10. Fair Corp – Fair Corp sells stylish and ethical clothing and footwear that has a focus on both environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Read more.

Photo: shrinkin’violet via Flickr