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Recycling Machines for Businesses



The term recycling machines covers a broad spectrum of machine types and recyclable waste types. They are designed to help businesses deal with their waste in a more efficient manner than bins or skips.

Recycling machines come in a number of formats ranging from cardboard and plastic recycling machines to glass crushers and can presses. All have a common goal of cutting waste costs, reducing space on site and freeing up labour time for staff.

In terms of money saving, recycling machines allow businesses to reduce their bin and skip quantities, as they are essentially a replacement. Bins and skips are expensive to rent and to have emptied on a regular basis; recycling machines will reduce bin and skip quantities, meaning less money to pay.

Bins and skips take up space and by reducing the numbers, it frees up room. Recycling machines have a small footprint and can therefore be located inside or outside; the difference in volume between bins or skips and recycling machines will be very noticeable. Finally, a great deal of time can be saved by using recycling machines and replacing bins and skips.

Cardboard is the most common recyclable that businesses have to deal with and it requires flat-packing in most scenarios where bins and skips are involved. This takes time out of the working day, plus to dispose of the cardboard it requires a short walk outside to the waste area each time. Cardboard recycling machines handle whole boxes and with the machines having a small footprint, they can be located close to the waste source.

With cardboard and plastic recycling machines, the finished product is collected by a recycler as opposed to a waste management business. These bales are valuable resources for recyclers who on most occasions will collect these for free or a small fee. Recyclers are also willing to give rebates for a regular stream of high quality bales. This is a much better alternative to having set bin lifts, where bins can be emptied even if they are a quarter full, the price will not differ either so basically money is spent on disposing of fresh air.

Recycling machines such as glass crushers and can presses reduce volumes down by 5:1. This saves valuable space in bins and takes them a lot longer to fill. This allows bin collections to reduce, saving money.

Lastly, recycling machines are much greener than bins and skips. They never overflow or are uneasy on the eye. They don’t even have to be seen by the public whereas large voluminous bins and skips do, and they are an eyesore.

Thanks to Cardboard Balers for providing us with this insight.