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Save B&GT: 17 days to go



Save Blue & Green Tomorrow update. Wow – 23% after a week. Thank you to the 82 people who have already pledged – a staggering £254 each on average. Thank you for your generosity in keeping the blue and green pirate ship afloat so far.

We are redoubling our efforts on our crowd funder. We have just 18 days to save B&GT and raise the money we need.

We are seeking £79k more (0.18% of Shell’s daily profit), all our thoughts are bent on it, and there is £90,000 out there that yearns above all else to be pledged in our little crowd funder.

Please pledge today at

If you have already pledged please email every person you know to ask them to pledge and share. If they can’t pledge themselves they could ask their network to pledge. Pledge and share! Please ignite your own social network on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (#saveblueandgreen) and all social bookmarking sites like reddit, digg and stumbleupon.

The more views, the more pledges – our average pledge is £254 (our most popular is £52) – so £79,000 left to raise at £254 per pledge equals just 311 more pledges. £79,000 at £52 means 1,519 more pledges

311 pledges means just 3% of last week’s readership, 13% at £52.

Please pledge today at


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