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Software Companies Are Bringing Sustainability to the Forefront

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Sustainability has become a more important issue to companies around the world. There are a ton of businesses in various sectors that have incorporated eco-friendly elements into their models. Software companies are no exception and many of them have become eco-friendly.

Harvard Business Review published an article on the importance of sustainability in software last fall. Sanjay Podder and the other authors of the study raised a very salient point. Some software companies don’t think they must consider the importance of sustainability in their designs, because they feel that there is virtually no carbon footprint in the development of the software itself.

However, software development processes do have an impact on the environment. The issue comes into play with the hardware the software runs on, which consumes energy and produces carbon emissions. This means that the approach to software development does impact the carbon footprint of the end user.

Software Companies Must Be Developed with Sustainability in Mind

Technological advancement is reaching new heights in Europe, mostly in the software development sector. The rising demand has, in turn, ignited the rise of numerous custom software development companies. Many of these companies are capitalizing off of the sustainability movement by finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Locating a resourceful software company with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices from the myriad has been very tasking for newbies in this area. Thankfully, we have selected notable ones who are doing well in Europe. Now, we should find out what they offer.

The European setup scene has been rising instantaneously quicker than expected. Still, if you are setting up everything indoors, as most times, external assistance is required whenever it involves custom software development with a focus on environmentalism, which is the reason we have made a list of notable software development companies in Europe.

Although startups are improving, we can’t ignore professional players in the traditional industries that have availed themselves to utilize tech by passing through complete digitization processes. For example, 2/3 of the custom software developer companies in Europe invested in a digitalized company, as other notable foreign companies are now based in Europe. In this article, you will be seeing a compiled list of advanced software and mobile app development companies in Europe. The list was made based on companies that focus on creating strong functioning methodologies with interesting programming languages, with specific companies in mind. We also focused on companies that seem to fare well on sustainability metrics.

Great Software Development Companies with an Emphasis on Sustainability

Here are three great software companies that seem to have a strong focus on eco-friendly development processes and showing themselves to be green technology leaders.

1. Apiumhub, Barcelona

One of the rising innovation hubs, Apiumhub is a notable company to make available unbridled mobile software and web transformation services. The company combines powers with other industrial enterprises to sustain the proper standards, take a leaf from their skill, and develop at the same pace. You might probably notice their quality performance is the testimony of their excellence.

2. Geeks Ltd, London

This enterprise aims to provide advanced software development services to peak max business performance. Furthermore, they derive joy in proffering idealistic solutions that would revive the overall efficiency of the company ultimately terminating the ravaging issues from their clients.

The team focuses on understanding the project completely before venturing into any sector. 

3. FortySeven Software Professionals, United Kingdom

FortySeven uses custom software development to maximize their performance; this company attempts to advance your business digitally. Irrespective of your business housing a mainstream request, the FortySeven software professionals can also address customer needs, irrespective of how divergent it may be. The FortySeven IT professionals utilize the most advanced pattern, which happens to be the most efficient method.  

Sustainable Software Companies Are Changing the Industry

On this list, we include eco-friendly software development companies that we located on the grounds of a few features, including programming languages applied, many technological advancements used, working methodologies and experiences with all sorts of clients, etc.

This won’t amount to the fact that those companies are the most suitable you can find in Europe. Still, their performance is up to par. Moreover, they are cited in cities that are home to technology and innovation, making it even more interesting because they work with big, well-established companies and other startups with huge potential for helping the planet and developing effective solutions.

This article has been written by Anthony Arnold, he has been working in the cargo industry for years and has a thing for the environment. By writing such advice he wants to play his part in saving mother earth.