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green diamonds are an ethical alternative green diamonds are an ethical alternative


What You Need to Know About Ethical Green Diamond Rings

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Ethical diamonds are becoming very popular for a number of reasons. Blood Diamonds, the 2006 film with Leonardo DiCaprio, is one of the films that helped many people learn about the horrors of blood diamonds.

As a result, many people are looking to buy alternative diamonds. Some diamonds are green colored, which are more ethical than most of the blood diamonds on the market. The reason is that they are often lab grown, which is obviously better than using diamonds that are used to finance wars abroad. Lab grown diamonds can also be more ethical due to the fact that they don’t have to be mined, which takes its toll on the planet.

What Are Blood Diamonds?

Blood diamonds are diamonds that have been mined in a war zone. They are usually used to fund military efforts. Some blood diamonds are sold to finance insurgencies to uproot existing dictators, while others are used by warlords trying to finance a conquest of a neighboring territory.

The warlords and rebels selling blood diamonds often form alliances with organized crime syndicates. They indirectly finance other criminal activities by subsidizing human trafficking, the drug trade and other serious crimes.

Ethical Green Diamonds Are More Popular as More People Seek to Move Away from Blood Diamonds

The search for the ideal engagement ring to use for a proposal is difficult enough for soon-to-be grooms. But the prospective bride can also run into this problem; in fact, it might be more difficult because there are so many different things to think about.

You will want to think of ethical diamond engagement ring alternatives if you don’t want to purchase blood diamonds. This may involve considering different colored diamond rings than you are used to.

If we’re talking diamonds, then you must know that you have options rather than going with classic colorless diamonds. You can expect the former to have a significantly high price range, especially if it is a blemish-free stone, but colored diamonds can just as compete with its cost, especially if you find one that is truly vivid and has an astounding richness of color.

A great example of this would be a green diamond engagement ring which you can purchase from high-end jewelry shops such as Astteria. Keep reading this article to discover just how exceptional green diamonds are.

What Makes A Green Diamond Engagement Ring Special?

It’s not a secret that green diamonds are included in the rare category of diamonds. In fact, it ranks second to red when it comes to being the rarest colored diamond ever to exist. With that fact alone, it already makes a lot of sense why a green diamond engagement ring is considered remarkable.

The color green in diamonds also symbolizes a happy and successful marriage, making it not only extra special but also a very meaningful piece of jewelry to propose with.

Is A Green Diamond Engagement Ring Easy To Find?

If you plan to buy an uncut, raw green diamond, then you can expect to have some difficulties as they are extremely rare to find in the market. Some tend to want the stone in this form, thinking it can be less expensive for them and just have the diamond be custom-made.

However, that is not always true, as natural green diamonds are extremely rare and costly. So, in this case, it is highly recommended that you purchase either an already made ring or a custom-made one from bespoke jewelry shops like Astteria.

Jewelry shops carrying higher-end products have a vast selection of pieces, and you can be sure to find the perfect one for a bride.

How Much Should A Green Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

Basing on a well-known jewelry shop like Astteria, green diamond rings can cost about $5,600 for a light yellow-green diamond ring and an astounding $120,700 for a fancy dark gray yellowish green diamond ring.

As you may have noticed, there can be secondary colors that affect the overall shade of the green diamond stone. With this factor as well, you can be guaranteed that it is extremely rare for another person to have the same exact shade of green as the one that you will have- making yours an exceedingly unique one.

How Is A Green Diamond Ring Maintained?

The main rule when wearing diamond rings is that you should know when to take them off. This is to avoid dents and discoloration on your beloved jewelry. Avoid wearing them when you are performing tough house chores and when handling certain chemicals such as bleach.

Of course, it is also important to have them regularly checked by professional jewelers for some much-deserved thorough cleaning and adjusting to avoid loose settings and as well as to maintain their vibrant color.

Doing this will ensure that your green diamond engagement ring will have very lasting beauty and sparkle.

Are Green Diamonds Ethical?

You might be seriously wondering whether green diamonds are ethical alternatives to those found in war zones. The answer is a bit complicated, but they have a tendency to be better.

One of the issues is that lab grown diamonds are more ethical. They are not used to finance wars, so they are a better alterative for people that care about humanity. They also don’t need to be mined, which is bad for the planet.

Green diamonds very rarely occur in nature, which means that they are more likely to be lab grown. Those that are not lab grown are not more likely to be ethical, but they are not worse either. You will need to find out where the diamond came from, so you can determine for yourself whether it is ethical or not.

Consider Green Diamonds as Ethical Alternatives for Your Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a very expensive and distinctive engagement ring, one with a green diamond as the focal point can be exactly what you need.

A green diamond will unquestionably be a show-stopping gem to honor such a huge achievement for you and your significant other, regardless of the cut and shade it comes in.