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FP WHEB Sustainability Fund awarded Five Star rating from 3D Investing



WHEB Asset Management’s FP WHEB Sustainability Fund is one of the first funds to be awarded the prestigious new ‘Five Star’ rating by 3D Investing.  Out of 140 funds analysed under 3D Investing’s methodology, only four have been recognised with the top Five Star rating.

The framework developed by industry veteran, John Fleetwood, identifies funds which have a genuinely positive environmental and social impact alongside good financial returns.

George Latham, Managing Partner of WHEB Asset Management LLP, said “We are delighted to receive this Five Star rating by 3D Investing.  We firmly believe that our social and environmental themes and integrated analytical approach help us to identify structural growth markets and high quality companies, a core contribution to our investment returns.  3D Investing’s analysis is holistic and recognises our approach for its disciplined investment process with a focus on transparency and impact.”

John Fleetwood, Founder of 3D Investing, commented: “WHEB are undoubtedly one of the pioneers of 3D investing and we are delighted to welcome them as one of the first holders of the 3D Five Star Rating.  A five star rating is reserved for the very best and reflects WHEB’s clear commitment, social impact and very high level of transparency.”

Full details of the platform are available on at and you can read 3D’s profile of the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund here

About WHEB Asset Management LLP

WHEB Asset Management is a specialist fund management business owned and managed by some of the most experienced practitioners of sustainable investment in the sector.  The business is focussed on a single investment strategy. Our aim is to generate superior returns from global equities by investing in companies providing solutions to some of the most serious environmental and social challenges facing mankind over the coming decades.

About 3D Investing

3D Investing is a distinctive investment approach that seeks to maximise social impact, to minimise ethical compromise and to deliver on financial expectations.  It is an evidence based approach that analyses the constituent holdings of each and every investment, so that investors can be confident that their money is being used in a way that really does make a social difference whilst meeting their financial needs.

The evidence-based approach means that, not only can investors be assured of successful financial outcomes, but they can be equally confident in maximising the social impact of their portfolio. Too many ethical portfolios invest in companies that investors would find unacceptable if only they knew, and the social impact is often tokenistic. 3D investing involves a fully transparent process, making any compromises clear and seeking to maximise social impact and to inspire investors.