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Good Money Week: The Financial Sustainability Symposium (01 Oct)



Commitment to sustainability has survived through the financial crisis, and has become a core commitment within many organisations.  It is still however perceived by many as offering only a ‘brand halo’. With September’s UN Summit in New York and the COP21 Summit in Paris at the end of the year, there will certainly be a lot to talk about.

The ifs University College symposium will include speakers from The Carbon Trust, Triodos Bank, Barclays and M&S Plan A who will join participants in sharing and debating the challenges of delivering and living the sustainability message.

– How can these challenges be overcome?

– What role can Higher Education play in this?

– What are the important messages emerging around sustainable finance?

Speakers include:

– Darran Messem, Managing Director, Carbon Trust Certification and Director, International, The Carbon Trust

– Charles Middleton, Managing Director, Triodos Bank

– Adam Elman, Global Plan A Delivery, Marks & Spencer

– Kathleen Britain, Head of Community Investment, Barclays Citizenship Plan (UK and Europe)

This event is free to attend and will provide an excellent opportunity for you to expand your professional network and contribute to your personal development goals through effective CPD.

Location: ifs University College, 8th Floor, Peninsular House, 36 Monument Street, EC3R 8LJ, London, London
Timing: 11 am- 4 pm

More detail here.